Weenect corporation

The best partner for their safety

At your side, for the safety of your pets, so they can feel all the love your family has to offer.


Track, find, share

Our mission is to help owners protect their pets and always know where they are, cherishing the loving bond between them.


Our values and commitments


We are fully committed to providing you with a strong and reliable tech solution that will always help you find your pet, no matter where it is. We deliver what we promise.

Simplicity and availability

Weenect makes it easy to take care of your pet. Whether you're a techie or a beginner, you'll always land on your feet. If you have any problems, we'll be happy to help you – professionally yet friendly.


A committed team at your side

Weenect is a French company specialized in GPS tracking devices for cats and dogs. Our GPS collars work in real time and with no range limit, providing quality tracking that is praised by over 250,000 pet owners worldwide.

The team includes more than 50 people divided between our Paris, Brussels and Miami offices. We provide in-house customer service with our multicultural team, fluent in eight different languages.


A global company

Weenect is a global company. We have offices in France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels) and the United States (Miami). Our warehouses are also located close to our customers: in France, the UK, the Netherlands and the US.

We believe that safety of cats and dogs must be ensured by professionals from the pet care industry. Therefore, we developed partnerships with over 2000 pet stores and vets around the world.

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Paris, Bruxelles, Miami

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All three founders have lost a pet in the past. Luckily they were able to find them. Since then, they decided to do everything they could to help cat and dog owners to look after their pets.

  • pola adrien company


    A cat lover, who grew up with the family cats. He is fascinated by the unique personality of cats: both wild and tame.

  • pola benedicte company


    A mother of 4 children, they didn't have to beg her for long to get a dog. She loves animals and could spend hours playing with them.

  • pola ferdinand company


    He knows how much you can love your dog and is very attached to his labrador. He promised himself to do everything he could to help pet owners on a daily basis.

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