Weenect - GPS for cats and dogs

For pets that go... a little too far...

With Weenect's GPS pet collars, you can track your pet in real time and without range limit. Never lose your pet again.

Track, find, share

A powerful pet GPS tracker to keep an eye on your pets – no matter where they go

From hunting rabbits to playing with other cats in the neighborhood, our pets' instincts often take them... a little too far...

Weenect helps you protect your cat or dog by always knowing where it is. Our GPS collars are connected to a mobile app (iOS and Android), for real-time GPS tracking with no distance limit. Anywhere they go, you'll know.


New Weenect XT

For the most extreme adventures

GPS tracker

For cats who like going on an adventure (a bit too much)

Weenect XS for cats

Weenect XS helps cat owners quickly find their cat when needed, with real-time GPS tracking.

Remote ringtone and buzzer features will help train your cat to remember to come home before nightfall. The location history shows you the extent of your pet's territory, so you'll soon know all about their adventures.

GPS tracker

For dogs that follow their instincts (a bit too much)

Weenect XS for dogs

Weenect XS allows owners to quickly find their dog when they are out of sight or run away, thanks to GPS tracking with no range limit.

The pet tracker also helps train dogs to return home using the ringtone and buzzer features, for worry-free family trips. You can also monitor your pet's daily activity and identify any behavioral disorders.

A ready-to-use solution to watch over your pet

The leader in cat and dog safety

Weenect is the preferred GPS collar brand for pet owners. Over 250,000 pet owners trust us to take care of their cats and dogs. With offices in Paris, Brussels and Miami, a multicultural team that speaks 8 languages, and warehouses close to its customers, the company is a major player in pet safety around the world.

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