Weenect corporation

Our commitment to you to guarantee the safety of your animals, so they always enjoy the warmth of their family.

Weenect corporation

Track, find, share

Our mission is to help owners protect their pets by always knowing where they are in order to maintain the bonds of love and companionship which unite them both.


A dedicated team at your side

Weenect is a French company specialising in the tracking of cats and dogs. Our GPS trackers work in real time and have no distance limit. Their quality is now praised by over 100,000 pet owners who own a Weenect.

Our team is made up of more than 50 people between Paris and Brussels. We work every day to improve the reliability of our services so you are never separated from your faithful companions. It’s why we exist.

Offices and warehouses

A company in the heart of Europe

Weenect is squarely focused on Europe. We have offices in France and Belgium as well as warehouses in France, the UK and on the border of Belgium, Holland and Germany.

We believe that the safety of dogs and cats will be achieved by the professionals of the animal world. That's why we have connections with over 2,000 pet shops and vets throughout Europe.

Last but not least, our customer service is handled in-house by our dedicated, multilingual teams who speak more than six different languages.


The best in tracking

Weenect has more than ten years of experience in GPS technology.

Our tracking devices have all the European certifications and are equipped with first-class technological components, such as modules from Thales. Therefore, we're able to offer real-time tracking with no distance limit and with an accuracy of up to a few metres. We offer multi-network coverage to minimise the impact of blank zones.

And finally, we take the security of our data very seriously, with strict application of the best practices in the industry.


Our values and commitments


We are committed to providing you with a robust and reliable technological solution that allows you to find your pet, wherever they are. What we promise, we deliver.

Simplicity and availability

Weenect makes it easy to take care of your pet. Whether you are a techie or a beginner, you’ll always land on your feet. And if you have a problem, we’ll be there to help you in a serious but friendly way.


Our team of founders is just like the rest of the company: passionate about animals.

  • pola adrien company


    A cat lover, he grew up with them from an early age and is fascinated by the unique personality of felines, both wild and tame.

  • pola benedicte company


    The mother of four children, they didn't have to beg her for too long to adopt a dog. She loves animals and could spend hours playing with them!

  • pola ferdinand company


    Deeply attached to his Labrador retriever, he knows the bonds people can have with their dogs. For this reason, he promises to do everything he can to help dog owners on a daily basis.

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