Weenect corporation

Your best friend keeping them safe

We’re by your side, keeping your pet safe and sound, right where they belong - with you.


Track, find, share

We are dedicated to helping owners protect their pets by always knowing where they are, keeping best friends together and living their best lives.


Our values and commitments


We’re committed to providing you with powerful, dependable technology that will always find your pet, no matter how far they go. And we keep our promises.

Simplicity and support

Weenect make it a walk in the park to look after your pet. Whether you're already tech-savvy or a complete beginner, it’s so easy to get up and running. And if do hit a snag, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help.


A dedicated team right by your side

Weenect is a French company that specialises in tracking dogs and cats. Our pet trackers work in real time and with no distance limit. Over 250,000 pet owners across the globe agree that our quality is absolutely paw-some!

We have over 50 people in our team, working from Paris, Brussels and Miami. Our customer service is handled in-house by a multi-cultural team that speaks eight different languages.


An international company

As a company, Weenect has a clear global perspective. We have offices in France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels) and the United States (Miami). Our distribution centres are also located as close as possible to our customers: in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States.

We believe that pet care professionals are key to keeping dogs and cats safe. That's why we've built close relationships with over 2,000 pet shops and veterinary practices around the world.

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Paris, Bruxelles, Miami

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The founders

Each of our three founders has lost a pet in the past. Fortunately, they managed to find them again. Ever since, they have vowed to do everything they can to help dog and cat owners keep their pets safe.

  • pola adrien company


    Now a devoted cat-dad, he grew up with cats from a very early age. He is fascinated by the unique personality of these incredible felines that are both wild and domesticated at the same time.

  • pola benedicte company


    It didn't take much persuasion for this mum of 4 to adopt a dog. She absolutely adores animals and could spend hours playing with them.

  • pola ferdinand company


    As his Labrador's very best friend, he knows just how much you can love your dog. That's why he decided to make helping pet owners his priority.

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