Weenect - GPS for cats and dogs

For pets that go... a little too far...

Weenect pet trackers let you track your cats and dogs in real time and with no distance limit. No matter how far they’ve gone, you'll never lose them.

Track, find, share

A complete GPS solution to protect your pet - wherever they are

Whether they're off chasing rabbits or hanging around with the local cats, our furry friends' natural instincts often make them go... a little too far...

Weenect helps you keep your dog or cat safe by always knowing where they are. Our pet trackers are connected to a mobile app (iOS and Android), for real-time tracking with no distance limit. No matter where they go, you’ll always find them.


New Weenect XT

For the most extreme adventures

Pet trackers

For cats with a (bit too much) sense of adventure

Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker and its mobile application

Weenect XS for cats helps cat owners find their feline friends fast, with real-time GPS tracking.

The remote ring and vibrate features, with no distance limit, also help with your cat's recall training to get them home before it gets dark. Last but not least, the location history reveals how far they roam, you'll know exactly where their adventures take them.

Pet trackers

For dogs who follow their noses (a bit too far)

Weenect Dogs 2 GPS tracker and its mobile application

Weenect XS for dogs allows owners to rapidly locate their dog on a walk or if they escape, thanks to real-time GPS tracking with no distance limit.

The tracker also rings and vibrates remotely to help with recall training, for stress-free family outings. Lastly, you can also monitor your pet's daily activity level to help spot any behavioural problems.

GPS tracker

For children

Weenect Kids guides your kids during family trips and in their first autonomous steps; their first journeys alone for instance.

Panic button

For the elderly

Weenect Silver allows seniors to maintain a certain autonomy when they start losing their memory or physical abilities, while reassuring their relatives about their safety.

Recommended by professionals

Over 2,000 pet professionals across Europe recommend our products to their customers. Trust the experts who know cats and dogs from top to tail.

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