Press release – 08/09/2022

Behind the scenes of Weenect's success in stores

After 4 years of in-store presence, Weenect is proud to start working with its 2,000th partner in Europe – a major milestone reflecting our shared success. At Weenect, we believe that maintaining a close relationship with our partner resellers is a daily priority. Weenect has committed to a set of guidelines to ensure that these partnerships are long-lasting and beneficial – the company never fails to follow them.

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Rule number 1: The recommended retail price you will always apply

The recommended retail price is $49.99. Weenect is committed to never lower its prices on its website. In addition, Weenect regularly provides its retail partners with special offers that allow them to sell the tracking devices at a lower price in store than on the Weenect website.

Rule number 2: Your partner store you will always support

Weenect does not outsource its partner store relationships to anyone. Everything is done in-house and with no middleman. Weenect knows the unique characteristics of each store and provides tailored advice to each one.

With each first order, Weenect supplies the partner with a demo tracker. It comes with a subscription plan, which allows sales staff to test the service and expertly show it to customers. The first trackers are also delivered with a display unit that can hold 4 placement products and detailed brochures for customers. The company's 8 sales representatives are also committed to contact retailers on a regular basis to ensure that everything is going well and to answer any questions they may have.

Rule number 3: Your partner’s customer you will take care

With customer service available 7 days a week from Weenect's offices, the partner knows that if their customers need help or support, Weenect will be there to assist them. This saves the store time while ensuring customer satisfaction. The stores also have a dedicated phone number to quickly reach their preferred contact person if they need help.

These 3 key rules provide peace of mind to retailers, while promoting sellout, as proven by the daily restocking requests received by the Weenect sales team. Bénédicte De Villemeur, one of the three founders of the company, confirms: "trust and close communication between the brand and our partner retailers are the keys to a successful partnership".

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