Comparison - GPS for dogs and cats - Weenect vs Airtag

Comparison Airtag VS Weenect

Looking for the best GPS for dogs and cats? Discover on this page why Weenect is the ultimate choice when it comes to caring for your pets.

AirTag VS Weenect

Why choose Weenect over AirTag

Apple's AirTags and Weenect GPS trackers differ in the technology they use. AirTags use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to track objects within a 50-meter radius. They rely on the proximity of other Apple devices to extend this range via the "Find My" network, making their effectiveness variable depending on the density of surrounding devices.

In contrast, Weenect GPS trackers offer independent location tracking through satellite signals, ensuring continuous coverage worldwide. This technology allows real-time tracking with position updates every second, guaranteeing high accuracy. This makes Weenect trackers more reliable and versatile for long-distance tracking without relying on other users or devices.

Comparison Table

In this table, you will find all the features and functionalities of the trackers and apps of both brands. You will have all the keys in hand to make your choice!

Weenect XS

Weenect cats et dogs

GPS tracker for dogs and cats

Technical Specifications

Apple iOS 13.6 or higher | Android 5 or higher | Web application on all browsers


5G, 4G (NB-IoT/LTE-M), 2G

SIM card included Так

IP68 standard (up to 1.5 meters depth for a maximum of one hour)


A rechargeable battery, up to 10 days of battery life

Size and weight

60.5 x 24.5 x 15mm ; 27g


Black - White


Lifetime warranty

Tracker features
Real-time GPS tracking Так
Distance limit / Bluetooth range

No distance limit

Ringtone Так
Vibration Так
Flashlight Так
Designed for pets Так
Recall training Так
App features
Live tracking

Yes, with position updates every second

Safety zones Так
History and activity tracking Так
Wellness monitor Так
Power-saving zone | WiFi zone Так
Proximity radar | Compass Так


Packaging Airtag

Appel AirTag

Technical Specifications

Apple iOS 14.5 or later


Bluetooth and UWB

SIM card included Ні

IP67 standard (up to 1 meter depth for a maximum of 30 minutes)


A replaceable battery that lasts up to a little over a year

Size and weight

31.9 x 31.9 x 8 mm ; 11g


White with optional engraving


1-year warranty

Tracker features
Real-time GPS tracking Ні
Distance limit / Bluetooth range

Approximately 50 meters

Ringtone Так
Vibration Ні
Flashlight Ні
Designed for pets Ні
Recall training Ні
App features
Live tracking Ні
Safety zones Ні
History and activity tracking Ні
Wellness monitor Ні
Power-saving zone | WiFi zone Ні
Proximity radar | Compass Ні

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Location tracking

Weenect offers real-time and unlimited tracking for your pets, unlike AirTags which are limited by the need for proximity to Apple devices.

Weenect real-time tracking mobile app

Weenect's precision and responsiveness

Weenect provides real-time GPS tracking, updating your pet's position every second. This high update frequency allows you to track your companion's movements with precision and immediacy, which is crucial in case of escape or unexpected movement. This quick responsiveness gives owners peace of mind, preventing the loss of their pet and ensuring their safety.

Unlimited range of Weenect

Unlike devices that rely on the proximity of other devices, Weenect uses satellite signals for independent location tracking, ensuring continuous coverage and GPS accuracy worldwide. The tracker is self-sufficient, offering reliable and autonomous tracking to monitor pets. Whether your companion is exploring the neighbourhood or venturing into more distant areas, Weenect remains effective thanks to its unlimited range.

Bluetooth tracking mobile app

AirTag's limited range of 50 meters

Apple's AirTags use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, limiting their range to about 50 meters. This restriction makes AirTags unsuitable for tracking pets that can quickly move away, especially in less densely populated areas where connectivity is lower.

Lack of real-time tracking with AirTag

AirTags do not provide real-time GPS tracking, which can significantly delay owners' reactions in case of an escape or lost pet. This lack of instant tracking can be problematic in situations where every second counts to find a lost or endangered animal.


Pet safety and well-being

Weenect ensures the safety and well-being of your pets with a design tailored for them, unlike AirTags which pose risks.

A dog with its Weenect tracker

Safe and ergonomic design

The safety and well-being of pets are priorities for all owners. Weenect devices are specially developed to effectively monitor dogs and cats while ensuring their safety. Their ergonomic design minimizes the risk of injury, a crucial advantage for active and curious animals.

Secure attachment system

These trackers are equipped with a secure attachment system that prevents pets from detaching or accidentally ingesting them. This feature ensures that pets can explore their environment without endangering their health, providing peace of mind to owners.

A cat walking with an Airtag lying in the grass next to it

Apple's AirTags are not ideal for tracking pets. Their small size and compact shape increase the risk of pets detaching or ingesting them. These features can pose significant safety risks, especially if the pet manages to manipulate the device out of its attachment.

Non-specific animal design

Moreover, the design of AirTags does not take into account the specific needs of animals, such as comfort or long-term safety. This lack of specialization makes AirTags less suitable for owners looking for a reliable and secure tracking solution for their four-legged companions.

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Additional features of Weenect

Weenect justifies its initial investment with a comprehensive offer and services dedicated to tracking pets, whereas AirTags remain limited to more general uses.

The best of Weenect technology

Weenect offers advanced features, ensuring the safety and complete tracking of your pets.

Comprehensive tracking for pet health and safety

Weenect provides detailed activity tracking of the pet and offers safe areas to prevent escapes, thereby ensuring their health and safety.

Activity tracking

The activity tracking integrated into Weenect devices records the pet's movement data, providing an overview of their daily activity level. This function helps monitor the pet's physical health, allowing owners to adjust exercises and routines according to their companion's specific needs.

Safe areas for escaping

Weenect allows owners to set up virtual safe areas. If the pet leaves these areas, an alert is immediately sent to the owner's smartphone. This function is essential to prevent escapes and to react quickly in case of unwanted wandering.

Control, visibility and analysis

Weenect offers recall training tools, a flashlight for night-time tracking, and territory analysis to monitor the pet's movement habits.

Recall training

Weenect trackers integrate buzzer and ringing functions, which are valuable tools for recall training your pet. These features allow remote communication with your companion, facilitating training and improving obedience, even when you are not physically close.

Flashlight for night tracking

A flashlight integrated into Weenect trackers offers a practical solution for locating your pet in low light conditions or at night. This function is particularly useful during night walks or if your pet tends to hide in dark places.

Territory analysis

Weenect devices also offer a territory analysis function, which records and analyses the pet's usual movements. This helps owners understand the areas their pet frequents the most and detect any unusual changes in their movements.


Weenect is the best GPS for dogs and cats

Here are the three main arguments explaining why you should prefer Weenect over Apple's AirTag for taking care of your pet.

Unlimited range

Unlike other trackers that may have range limitations, Weenect offers global coverage with no distance restriction. This allows owners to locate their pets wherever they are, providing unparalleled peace of mind.

Real-time tracking every second

Weenect offers real-time tracking that updates every second, allowing you to follow your pet with extreme precision. This feature is crucial in urgent situations where every second counts.

Designed for pets

The safety of pets is a priority for Weenect. Each device is ergonomically designed to minimize the risk of injury. Additionally, a secure attachment system prevents pets from detaching or accidentally ingesting the tracker.

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