Weenect subscriptions

Weenect subscriptions

Find information on this page about our subscriptions: features included, duration, price and options.

Subscription plans

Clear and transparent pricing

Choose your plan and options, that's it. No hidden fees, everything is transparent.

Satisfaction or your money back.

You have 30 days to change your mind. If you are not satisfied we will reimburse you without question.

Three subscription plans

Choose your plan when you register your tracker on our website (once it is sent to your home).

sub illustration
Monthly subscription: £9,99 per month

The payment is monthly and can be cancelled at any time (minimum commitment of three months).

1-year prepaid subscription: £69,99 (that’s £5,83 per month)

The payment is made once a year and can be cancelled at each anniversary.

3-year prepaid subscription: £149,99 (that’s £4,16 per month)

The payment is made once every three years and can be cancelled at each anniversary.

Optional advantages

The Premium status gives access to added features (£2.99 per month). These advantages are not required to make the most of our product.

premium multi map
Advantage 1 - Online Chat

Chat live with a Weenect advisor, through the app. Customer support available 7 days a week, from 9am to 6pm.

Advantage 2 - Premium maps

Get additional maps to fit your lifestyle: HD satellite view, relief, forest roads and hiking trails.

Advantage 3 - Text Bundle

Receive all alerts by text message (up to 40 text messages per month), in addition to push notifications (app) and emails already included in the subscription.


Optimal tracking, unlimited

Whatever your chosen subscription, you can use our full services without limit. Only the duration of the commitment period and the associated rate changes.

Included in your plan

All plans have the same features. All our customers have access to the best unlimited tracking.

GPS tracking

(every 30 sec to 60 min)

Live tracking

(updated position every second)

European coverage


Premium customer service

(reply within 24 hours)

Recall training

(ringtone and buzzer)


and danger area alerts

Territory analysis

(heat map)

History and activity tracking

(30 days)

How it works

Why do I need a subscription?

The subscription allows the trackers to work in real time and without range limit. Here are some explanations.

18 questions to ask yourself before buying a GPS tracker

Confirm your region

To access the most relevant information, suitable payment methods, and delivery in your region, please select the website corresponding to your country.