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What is the status of Weenect's service?

Having trouble with your Weenect tracker or app? Wish to report a Weenect bug? Find official Weenect information on this page.

Service status

☑ All our services are operational.

If you are experiencing issues, please follow the 3 steps described below.

1 – Check the prerequisites for proper functioning

You can register your tracker through the Weenect mobile app, or on your personal space at my.weenect.com

Your tracker comes with a SIM card allowing real-time operation with no distance limit, so a subscription is required to function. You choose it when registering the tracker.

If you've been a Weenect customer for some time, it's important to ensure that your subscription is current, as otherwise, this could explain the problems you're experiencing.

Available on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

A question that may seem funny, but it's possible that the tracker is simply not turned on. Press the tracker's central button once to check; if the LED lights up, your tracker is on.

To find out, stand next to your tracker with your phone in hand. If your phone isn't connected, it's likely that your tracker is simply out of reach of GSM networks (5G, 4G, 2G).

Your tracker must be positioned outdoors to receive GPS signals. Indoors, your tracker might not pick up the GPS or obtain a less accurate position, giving the impression of malfunction.

Help Center

2 – Consult the articles in our help center

It's possible that the issue with your Weenect tracker or app has a known solution. That's why it's essential to check our help center.

You'll find various articles categorized there in. You can also type your question into our search bar to see all related articles.

Customer Service

3 – Contact our team if you can't find a solution

Still having a problem? You can contact our team directly through your Weenect app or via our online form.

Your request will be automatically directed to the most suitable individuals. We commit to getting back to you as soon as possible.

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