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Pet tech on the rise: Who are the Weenect users?

For several years, animals haven't merely been adopted for their skills, such as hunting or guarding, but are now regarded as genuine family members. So it's hardly surprising that we pamper our furry friends just as we would our human loved ones. Amidst this emphasis on animal well-being, pet tech has notably gained traction in recent times. But who's actually using this animal welfare-focused pet tech? Weenect has been delving into this!

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Pet Tech & Animal Well-being: The rise of a new family member

In days gone by, pets were primarily seen as practical aids—be it for hunting, guarding, or mere companionship. However, times have significantly shifted. Pets now hold a central place in our lives, being recognised as bona fide family members. This trend is echoed by a 2020 Ipsos study, indicating that 68% of French people view their animal companions as integral parts of the family.

This renewed outlook has intensified our concern for their well-being, catalysing the rapid rise of pet tech. Be it monitoring pet's health, equipping them with interactive toys, or locating them on their unforeseen escapades, technology tailored for animals has never been more widespread. As highlighted by the Expert Market Research group in their recent study on global pet tech: “The global pet tech market is anticipated to grow between 2023 and 2028, with an average annual growth rate of 24%”.

In this evolving landscape, pioneering companies like Weenect have come to the fore, proffering technological solutions that cater to these emerging demands. The Weenect XS serves as a prime illustration—a technological marvel crafted to bolster safety, enhance well-being, and grant peace of mind to both the pet and their owner. But who exactly are the users of these tech products aimed at animal welfare? Weenect embarked on a journey to inquire and uncover more.

In our digital age, pet tech is thriving, reaching more people, and becoming an integral part of animal lovers' daily lives. Through its survey, Weenect shows that this technology isn't reserved for the elite but genuinely mirrors a diverse and interconnected society.

Pet tech: bridging generational divides

The varied age groups of our users stand testament to this. Amidst the quick clicks tracking Rex or Kitty, we see 23.95% of users aged between 45 and 54, and 33.4% between 55 and 64. As for those under 25, their representation is modest (1.05%), but they are undoubtedly embarking on this digital journey. Furthermore, even those over 65, accounting for 16.3%, are embracing the technology, notwithstanding potential tech challenges. This technology genuinely bridges generational divides.

From rural pastures to urban jungles, pet tech spans boundaries

Be it savouring the fresh country air (45.2% of Weenect users) or navigating the city's hustle and bustle (14.85%), pet tech is there. Naturally, some opt for it amidst the suburban tranquillity (39.7%). Let's face it pet tech recognises no limits, even making its way to the mountains (0.25%).

Women, men... technology that's inclusive for everyone!

The figures speak for themselves: 60.65% of users are women and 39.35% are men. Pet tech is a realm where the passion for animal welfare unites, regardless of gender.

Diverse professions united by a shared passion

From the enterprising executive (14.25%) to the dedicated worker (34.9%), the ardent craftsman (6.55%), or even the retiree (20.75%), pet tech binds them as one. It's less about socio-professional categorisation and more about a communal affinity for the animal kingdom.

Pet tech is more than just a tool; it connects various generations, social backgrounds, and life circumstances. Through this survey, Weenect affirms that pet tech is an accessible technology devoted to our four-legged companions. It demonstrates that, beyond statistics, it's a passion for the animal realm that overshadows everything else. In essence, pet tech isn't merely technology; it's a story, our story.

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