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What are the cutest cat breeds?

Cute, lovely, adorable – all these adjectives are often used to describe cats – one of the most popular pets and companions for people all over the world. Although any owner will undoubtedly assure you that their cat is the cutest you will ever see, there are some breeds whose characteristics cannot be described as anything less than adorable.

British cat sleeping

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There is something about cats, be it their small paws, soft fur, or funny behaviour, that makes them extremely adorable creatures that steal the hearts of people all over the world. No matter whether you’re a fan of cuddly and calm cats, or you’d rather have a feline companion that loves adventures and has lots of energy, there are some cat breeds that make us all charmed and put us under a spell. Discover the following list with the cutest cat breeds to help you choose your next companion.


The list of 15 cutest cat breeds

Maine Coon

Portrait of a Maine Coon

For a reason called the gentle giant, you will instantly fall in love with this cat’s long and fluffy hair as well as its gentle and friendly character. Although the adult Maine Coons can weigh up to around 15 pounds, they are just as cute as any smaller breed, and there’s more of the fluffiness to love! However, if you are looking for a hypoallergenic cat breed, you should definitely avoid the Maine Coon. They are also great family cats as they get on very well with children and with other pets.

British Shorthair

A British Shorthair playing

You will be charmed by the quiet and friendly demeanour of these cats that with their round face and soft coat resemble teddy bears. British Shorthairs are a dignified and calm breed, but they also enjoy being cuddled and love playing with kids. Their laid-back personality and tolerance make them perfect candidates for family cats.


Two Bengals playing on a sofa

Who could look at these cute miniatures of wild cats and not find them adorable? Bengals are part of the most popular cat breeds in the world for a reason. Especially when spotted while performing one of the tricks that their energetic nature makes them always in the mood for. Bengals are not only full of energy, but they’re also very affectionate with humans. Due to their playfulness, they will enjoy the time spent with their owners learning tricks or going for walks on a leash.


A Munchkin on a table

The dwarf appearance caused by their short legs certainly adds up to Munchkin’s cuteness. And their friendly, loving, and happy character only helps with placing this breed on the list of the cutest cats. Munchkins are also very energetic and extroverted, and they love playing with kids. However, the low stature of the cat is a result of breeding of cats with genetic deformities, which makes Munchkins more prone to health conditions. If you love the dwarf appearance of the Munchkin but rather like a hairless cat breed, you will fall in love with the Bambino: a mix between a Sphynx and a Munchkin.


A Siamese cat on a bush

The Siamese has all that’s needed to classify them as one of the cutest breeds in the world. Not only are they sweet and people-oriented, but they’re also very playful and just love spending time with their family members. As they’re highly social and friendly, they are happiest when they’re involved in family activities. But should you neglect them by not giving them enough attention, you will surely be reminded by their meowing, as Siamese cats are very vocal and talkative.


A Persian cat lying on a blanket

When you imagine a typical cute cat, you might picture a white fluffy coat, calm demeanour and love for hugs and cuddles. And that’s exactly a description of a Persian. These sweet-natured and affectionate cats can steal anyone’s heart. If you decide on a Persian; however, be aware of the high grooming maintenance needs of their beautiful, long coats.


A white Ragdoll

Just one look at a Ragdoll and you know what the definition of a cute cat is: a fluffy coat, beautifully sleek hair and shining blue eyes will make you immediately fall in love with those big, yet delicate cats. And the fact that Ragdolls absolutely adore being held and cuddled only increases their charm. Apart from their exquisite looks and friendly nature, they are also loyal and playful. Ragdolls not only learn quickly and they like playing games and performing tricks, but they also get along well with children and pets.

Scottish Fold

Two Scottish Fold sitting together

You can easily tell apart a Scottish Fold from any other breed by their distinctive curled – and, let’s admit, absolutely adorable – ears. Apart from this characteristic feature, this breed is rather playful and enjoys the company of people or other pets. Scottish Folds are also very affectionate, and they eagerly show their love to the family members.

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A Birman cat

Polite, affectionate, elegant, with a silky coat and striking blue eyes – in other words, a Birman cat. This intelligent breed loves people and being in the centre of their attention. Birman cats are also quiet, but if you forget to feed them, they will make sure to gently remind you of your responsibilities. As they make friends easily and cherish the time spent with the family, they have all it takes to be great companions. Unfortunately, this breed is also prone to certain health conditions, including eye problems.

Russian Blue

A Russian Blue with yellow eyes

Russian Blue’s stunning silvery-blue coat and brilliant green eyes are not the only reason why this breed is on the list of the cutest cats. Although they are rather shy around newcomers, these cats are very loyal and devoted to their family. They are also intelligent and sensitive to their owner’s mood. Apart from cuddles, Russian Blue cats enjoy playtime and climbing up high places.


An Abyssinian kitten on a blanket

Are you looking for a cute-looking and energetic cat? Abyssinian is the perfect breed for you! These wild-looking cats also have a bit of wilderness in their character, as they love to play and climb. Their curiosity and urge to explore combined with their attention-seeking nature means that you may want to keep an eye on their little adventures. Although they aren’t necessarily lap-cats, they will be a source of entertainment for you and great playtime partners for your kids.

Turkish Angora

A lying Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is a graceful and strong cat, who will attract your attention with its silky coat and fluffy tail. Not only do they look elegant, but also maintain a proud demeanour while being very active and alert. Turkish Angora are one of the few cat breeds that love water and swimming. And don’t let the proud nature of this cat lead you astray – they will still form a close bond with their owner.

American Bobtail

An American Bobtail playing

The name of this breed is not random, and it comes from the cat’s short, stubby tail. Apart from that, their fluffy coat, slightly wild look, and cherubic expression cannot leave you indifferent. Add to it the easy-going, social, and affectionate nature, and you have an American Bobtail – a cat who’s just a perfect definition of cuteness.


A Cymric cat sitting

A short-tail of American Bobtail is one thing, but a cat without a tail? Yes, such cats exist, and we assure you they’re absolutely adorable. Cymric, a long-haired variant of the Mynx cat, is a skilled hunter and jumper, at the same time having a gentle and affectionate nature. Their cute, spherical bodies with round heads and eyes make really lovable creatures out of them.

British Longhair

A white British Longhair sleeping

This long-haired brother of British Shorthair will charm you with their friendly and loving personality as well as the pleasure they take from sitting on their owner’s lap. British Longhair’s beautiful coat gives them a dignified and luxurious look, which combined with their rounded faces and chubby cheeks secure them a place on the list of the cutest cats.


No matter what it is that you’re looking for in your furry companion, this list of 15 cutest cat breeds surely contains strong candidates. These cats are adorable not only because of their looks, but also thanks to their personalities. We are sure that at least one of them will turn out to be a perfect match for you.

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