The smallest Dog GPS tracker

World's smallest GPS for dogs with real-time tracking and no distance limit

The smallest dog GPS tracker - Weenect Dogs 2

The Weenect GPS collar is the ideal solution to protect your dog. Make sure you never lose your dog.

Dog tracker

With Weenect Dogs 2, you can track your dog's movements on a real time map via the smartphone app (iOS and Android). The GPS pet tracker allows you to quickly find your pet if it gets lost or runs away, wherever it goes.

Runaway alert

Does he ever run away? With Weenect you are warned as soon as he tries to leave, so you can intervene quickly.

Safe zone feature of the GPS for dogs

The pet tracking device allows you to be alerted if your animal leaves a defined geofence (notification sent directly to your phone). Meaning you can go and bring back your runaway dog before it approaches a dangerous road. A dog locator that combines gps tracking and helps find your runaway dog.

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GPS tracking even in the forest

It is in the forest that dogs enjoy the greatest freedom, so it is in these areas least covered by the cellular network that the pet GPS tracker most needs to operate. The product's integrated SIM card is international (works all over Europe) and multi-operator (can connect to the cell service of all telephone operators) for 99% coverage of the territory.

All your dogs on the same tracking app

You can locate all your animals equipped with a dog tracker or a cat tracker from the same account. This makes it easier to track them on the map, to check battery life, the quality of the cellular network and the state of the internet connection. No need to create multiple accounts or limit yourself to a single dog GPS tracker, you can very easily keep multiple dogs safe at the same time.

Real-time tracking

Spend less time looking for it. Find it quickly thanks to our three location modes.

GPS tracking feature of the dog GPS

The dog tracker collar is a complete wireless tracking system that shows the GPS location of your four-legged friend with different modes: maps (classic or satellite view), compass and radar (opposite). That means you always know your pet's exact location. The real-time tracking ensures you of worry-free walks, knowing that you can easily find your dog.

Recall training

Make its tracker ring to get it to come back to you. The promise of a treat is rarely ignored.

Training feature of the pet tracker

Weenect Dogs 2 is the only GPS dog tracker that can replace a dog training collar. No need to spend hours looking for your dog after taking it for a walk. By making its dog tracking device ring or vibrate at each meal time, it will end up associating the two events; you can then call it for dinner with a quick click in your app.

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Tracking history

Relive your shared experiences. You can view the route of your walks, as well as the related statistics.

Location history feature of the GPS tracker for dogs

With the pet GPS you can easily follow the path you took on your walks with your four-legged friend. You can also track activity, average speed, daily distance travelled and time spent playing or sleeping. With the Weenect tracking system you increase your understanding of your dog's needs.

Partnerships with over 2 000 pet shops and veterinarians

The quality of our GPS dog collar is recognised by all those working with animals. Over 2 000 either recommend it, or sell it in their clinic or on their shelves. You can therefore order your dog tracker directly from our site, or go to one of our partners if you prefer to buy it at a physical location.

Voted innovation of the year by vets

Our pet tracker received the France Vet prize awarded by veterinarians to the most innovative canine products and services. In addition, it has been checked by a panel of 6 veterinarians who have all recognised the usefulness of the Weenect GPS tracker for dogs, and in their expert medical opinion confirm it is suitable for adult dogs, as well as small dogs or puppies.

Weenect Dogs 2

Discover the main features and specifications of our dog GPS tracker. The essential tool for watching over them, wherever they are.

Main features

Your user account is accessible online from a browser and on a mobile device from our application.
Locate your animal in real time and without distance limit thanks to its GPS dog collar.
Train your dog to come home on its own if it ever runs away.
Receive an alert on the tracking app if your dog leaves a predefined area.
Relive all your adventures with your dog from your phone.

Main specifications

All our trackers are guaranteed for two years. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and failures not caused by misuse of the product.
The case allows you to attach the pet tracker to any dog collar.
Dog GPS 100% submersible to IP67 standard for waterproofing up to 1 metre deep.
Up to 3 days of battery life (550 mAh), so no need to recharge the GPS for dogs every day.
It is the smallest and lightest dog GPS tracker in the world (60x23x12mm - 25 grams).
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Why is it not possible to implant a GPS chip for dogs?

Whether we call it a pet tracker microchip, a dog tracker chip or a dog microchip tracker, a GPS chip for dogs is a complete myth and impossible to implement. In reality, a GPS tracker for dogs needs a battery, a GPS antenna and perhaps even a SIM card to function; things you can't put in a chip. It is therefore important not to confuse it with the microchip which allows the identification of a dog.

Why does our dog tracker operate based on a monthly fee?

Weenect offers unlimited tracking, in real time and with no distance limit. This means you can always find your best friend if it gets lost. Part of this involves the use of a SIM card in the GPS dog collar, which requires a monthly subscription. There are types of pet GPS tracker that do not require subscription, but are equipped with bluetooth (like the Airtag for dogs), rfid, radio frequency or low consumption technologies which are not effective in finding a lost animal, especially in the forest.

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