How does your tracker’s SOS alert work?

Your loved one's GPS tracker is equipped with a main alert button made for emergency situations. It allows them to inform relatives or friends in the eventuality of a problem, such as a fall. Very practical, this feature needs to be well understood to allow for an effective and fast reaction the day it is used. Here are the points you should know to master it well.

Sending the SOS alert

The alert button is located at the front of the tracker, in the centre. To send the SOS alert, hold down the button for three seconds until the green LED flashes and the tracker vibrates. If this is not the case, then the alert has not been sent and you must try again.

Once the alert is issued, relatives will be notified of the problem in real time, how they are alerted depends on the types of notifications selected. By default, they will receive a push notification (via the mobile application).

The emergency phone call

The first person to respond to the alert on their phone will be able to request to be called by the tracker. The GPS is equipped with a microphone and a loudspeaker allowing it to be transformed into an emergency telephone in cases such as these. The voice communication goes both ways, the carrier of the tracker will be able to speak and hear you, just like with a conventional telephone. They can also hang up by pressing the SOS button on their tracker again.

Note that it is impossible to call the tracker directly, outside of a received SOS alert. It is always the tracker itself that will make the call upon the receipt of the notification. This procedure is designed to prevent anyone listening in to the tracker and to respect your loved one's privacy while still ensuring their safety.

The monthly number of minutes included in all our subscriptions is 10 minutes. A counter in your user space shows the remaining minutes. These minutes are automatically renewed at the beginning of each month.

Real time update on the SOS alert

The SOS feature of your locator is protected by a patent owned by Weenect. This is part of our commitment to always offer you the best technology. So, we do not just relay the SOS alert to all those connected to the carrier of the tracker. The alert status will also be updated in real time by notification.

All people connected to the account will receive a notification at each step taken to solve the problem. In the case of an SOS alert issued by a child both parents will receive the notification. If for example the mother is the first to see the message, she will ask to be called by the tracker. The father will then receive a notification on his phone indicating that she has taken the call. At the end of the call the mother will be asked if the problem has been solved and she can write a message to other relatives. The father will then receive a new notification indicating the outcome, accompanied by the mother's message.

This system is intended to keep all relatives informed in real time to prevent one or the other from panicking if they discover the notification an hour after receiving it. Good communication is essential for solving a problem, especially when not everyone involved is in the one place (for example, in the case of an elderly person whose relatives do not live in the same city).


Our locator’s SOS alert is an extraordinary tool to help take care of your loved one, wherever they are. It is also a way of being there when they need you most. Feel free to do some functional tests before giving them their tracker, so that everyone is sure they understand how this alert works. This will avoid adding any extra stress to an emergency.