The Weenect app

On this page, you will find an overview of our mobile app (iOS and Android), as well as a description of the main features.


1. Find Your Pet Anywhere

With Weenect, you can track your pet in real time and with no range limit.

GPS Tracking

Get a new position of your pet on a predefined time frame (between 30 seconds and 1 hour).

Super live

Enable the super live mode to get a new position every second, and find your pet faster.


Open the compass view to know which direction to take to find your pet, as well as the distance between you.


2. Analyze Your Pet's Behavior

With Weenect, get to know your pet better, with three types of history data.

Location History

Check your pet's movement history, and relive your past walks.

Alert History

Open alert history to check the different notifications you received.

Territory Analysis

Discover your pet's secret life by analyzing the areas where it spends the most time.


3. Prevent Runaways

With Weenect, you are warned if your pet runs away or if it approaches a dangerous area.

Create a Safety Area

Simply create a safety area from the app.

Virtual Fence

Once the area is created, a virtual fence is set up around the center point.

Auto Alert

Get an alert on your phone if your pet enters or leaves the area.


4. Recall Training, and more

With Weenect you can teach your pet to come home on its own. You also get access to information on the status of the tracker.

Recall Training

Combine ringing and buzzing with positive reinforcement (food) to teach your pet to recall.

Tracker Status

See the detailed status of your tracker: GPS signal quality, network connection intensity, battery level, etc.

Low Battery

Get notified when your tracker's battery level drops below a preset limit, so you can charge it up quickly.


5. Monitor his daily activity

This tool helps you keep track of your furball's daily activity. How long did your pet sleep? How many steps did it make today? You'll soon know it all!

Daily goal

Set a daily intense activity goal.

Activity Reports

Monitor his daily activity to keep him in shape.

Activity Breakdown

We recommend a daily goal of at least one hour.

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