Weenect Insiders October 2023

Step inside the world of Weenect each month and discover content related to the community and life at our company, including interviews from experts and special reports from the animal kingdom.



In this section you will find content prepared especially for you to join in with! On the agenda: the question of the month, the best photos of your pets, and even video testimonials from the community.

We answer your questions!

Question of the month

“Is there an operation planned for the Christmas period?”

For Christmas, Weenect has a wonderful surprise! From November 17th to December 17th, 2023, you'll have the opportunity to get the perfect gift, our Weenect XS bundle! It will include a GPS tracker and a 1-year subscription (in the form of a gift card). Ideal for gifting or treating yourself. But that's not all! For each bundle purchased during this period, Weenect will donate £5 to a shelter, providing Christmas meals to the animals it houses. Join us in making Christmas a celebration for all animals!


Company life

In this section you can find out about daily life at Weenect and the lives of our employees through reports about the trade fairs we attend, our team-building events and the various departments within the company, and through interviews with staff members and important news and updates about our products.

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