GPS Panic button for the elderly - Weenect Silver

Panic button for the elderly

Safe home care.

Weenect Silver

The personal alarm for the elderly with call button and location tracking

personal alarm for the elderly

With Weenect Silver you can still take care of your loved one from a distance. They can alert you in case of an emergency using the red button on their panic alarm for the elderly; you can then quickly find them if necessary (whether at home or outside) thanks to the GPS tracking.

Emergency telephone

Panic alarm with alert button and emergency telephone

SOS feature of the panic alarm for elderly

Your loved one can notify you in the event of problems (such as a fall at home or on the street for example), by pressing the SOS button on their elderly alarm. You receive alerts directly to your smartphone (via the mobile app) and can trigger a phone call; the medallion is equipped with a microphone and a speaker, so it works like a telephone.

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Better management of assistance within the family

Weenect has patented technology to alert all the carrier's caregivers at the same time. So as soon as the elderly SOS alarm button is pressed, each one is notified on their smartphone app. The connection is made to the first person to see the alert, who can thus take care of its resolution while the others are automatically alerted that the problem is being resolved. The best of technology serving our seniors.

All caregivers on the same tracking app

For greater ease of use, there is no limit to the number of people who can connect to the same account. That means all family members can participate in communal action aimed at ensuring the safety of their loved one. Note that it is possible to obtain a tax reduction by filling out the personal services form. Check with the relevant associations as financial aid can vary from one country to another.

GPS tracking

Pendant alarm with GPS tracking to find your loved one if they get lost on the street

GPS tracking feature of the personal alarm elderly

The fall alarm for the elderly has a complete GPS system indicating the position of your loved one, wherever they are (the device works without distance limit). You can thus help the carrier if they feel unwell. You always know where they are because they are wearing the pendant around their neck or in their pocket. The device is a true elderly tracker and Alzheimer's sufferers.

Safe zones

Panic alarm for the elderly with safe zones to anticipate emergencies

Safe zone feature of the elderly alarm

Does your loved one have to take journeys alone on the street despite their loss of independence? The emergency button for the elderly is equipped with a zone exit detector that alerts you when they enter or leave a defined perimeter. The automatic triggering of the alert allows rapid reaction by the emergency services in the event of a change in normal habits.

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What our customers say about Weenect Silver

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Why choose the Weenect panic button as opposed to telecare for your loved one?


The careline has many disadvantages that a panic alarm for the elderly does not. Firstly, it relies on a monitoring centre which will be responsible, via a teleoperator, to notify the emergency services (such as the fire brigade) in the event of an emergency. It is therefore impersonal. But the care-line also poses a problem in the sense that it contents itself with security in the home, neglecting trips outside.

Panic button that works both indoors and outdoors

The same problem exists with most telecare products: the equipment is installed in the person's home, but there is nothing to support them when they go out. Being at home is a great comfort, but it should not become a prison. With our elderly alarm we guarantee the safety of your loved one at home and when they go out (because the GPS tracker for seniors is carried with them). If something happens, you will always be alerted and can act quickly.

Panic alarm for the elderly ready for use without any installation required

When trying to ensure the safety of people living alone, it is usually done through the use of complicated and expensive installations. Our panic alarm is ready to use, which means there are no installation costs (nor administrative costs) and the setup is very easy. You avoid long hours of searching for the perfect place to install your loved one's telecare equipment, which often requires an electrical outlet, a telephone outlet and an adsl connection.

Weenect Silver

Discover the main features and specifications of our GPS Panic button for the elderly. The essential tool for watching over them, wherever they are.

Main features

Your user account is accessible online from a browser and on a mobile device from our application.

mobile app side view 202
GPS tracking

Locate your loved one in real time and without distance limit thanks to their gps tracker.

Alert button

You are alerted in the event of a problem by the use of the SOS button of your loved one's panic alarm.

Emergency telephone

In an emergency, the personal alarm for the elderly allows you to make voice calls; 10 minutes per month.

Safe zones

Receive an alert on your smartphone if your loved one leaves a predefined area.

Main specifications

All our trackers are guaranteed for two years. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and failures not caused by misuse of the product.

tracker weenect 202 silver size
Inside and outside

Unlike home telecare, the panic button works both indoors and outdoors.

Water resistant pouch

The protective pouch that holds the panic alarm is water resistant and bump resistant.

Long-lasting battery

7 days of battery life in daily use, no need to recharge the fall alarm for the elderly every day.

Minimal size

The pendant alarm is discreet and is only 6cm high and 4cm wide, and weighs 55 grams.

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Why choose our panic buton rather than an elderly alarm bracelet?

The elderly alarm bracelet promises much but has many drawbacks, with the result being that it is preferable to wear a device around the neck, on the belt or in the pocket. In particular, we can mention the short battery life (often less than a day), and the weight of the device for a person with reduced mobility (it becomes very difficult to move the arm without pain). In addition, the elderly SOS bracelet is a visible object that can considered stigmatising by your loved one.

Why does our personal alarm for the elderly operate with a monthly fee?

The Weenect Silver pendant alarm requires a monthly subscription. This monthly fee for the service is explained by the need to open a telephone line to ensure communication between the fall alarm for the elderly and our servers, but first and foremost for the emergency call function to operate. The inscription file is completed online when the elderly alarm is registered, and takes just a few minutes. Cancellation is even easier through the use of a button in your online userspace.

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