Cat GPS tracker - Weenect XS

The smallest cat tracker

Weenect XS is the smallest cat GPS in the world, with real-time positioning and no distance limit. Built to last, it’s also the only tracker that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Track, find, share

You cat is an important member of the family. Make sure you never lose them.

Cat tracker

With 1 in 3 pets getting lost at least once in their lives, and many of them never finding their way home, it's vital to keep your pet safe.

With Weenect XS you can track your cat's movements on a map in real time using the free app (iOS and Android). Our cat GPS tracker allows you to pinpoint your pet's location with no distance limit.

The best possible coverage

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For pets that go... a little too far...

Our pets' natural instincts and their appetite for adventure often make them go... a little too far... Keep an eye on your cat around the clock with Weenect.

Find your cat - wherever they are.

Our promise is simple: we promise you’ll never lose your cat. Weenect helps you protect your pet better than ever before.

Find them fast with our different tracking modes.

Using the features in the Weenect app (iOS and Android), you'll be able to find your cat in a flash.

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Multiple map views to find your furry friend

The Weenect cat tracker has a fully wireless tracking system, showing your cat's GPS position on a variety of map views: classic, satellite, or even terrain and hiking trails (optional).

A compass to point you in the right direction

Following a map in the middle of nowhere isn't the easiest thing in the world. That's why we include a compass view to help guide you to your cat. This view shows you which direction to go and how far away you are from your pet.

Access extra features to find your cat (literally) anywhere.

With Weenect you can find your cat even if you don't have a good GPS signal. Over 10 years of innovation, at your service.

feature flashlight cats weenect xs
Remote ringer to find them in the long grass

Sometimes your cat can be right next to you but you have absolutely no idea. It’s one of their many talents. Weenect XS has a remote-controlled ringer so you can find your pet under the bushes or high up in a tree.

A flashlight to light up your pet in the dark

Your feline friend is a big fan of night time, enjoying the welcome privacy the dark offers for their nocturnal adventures. We've all been there, peering into the dark, shaking a box of cat food. The Weenect XS GPS collar for cats has a built-in flashlight, making them easily visible in the dark.

Indoor tracking for the most challenging situations

Maybe your cat has got themselves locked in a shed or someone's garage? With the help of the Weenect WiFi triangulation system, you can track down your cat's whereabouts even if they're trapped somewhere with no satellite coverage.

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Over 250,000 pet owners already trust us to keep their pets safe.

Join the community of dog and cat owners who already use Weenect every day. Over 90% of them have recommended our pet trackers to their friends and family.

Enjoy exclusive additional features.

Weenect has so much more to offer than just GPS tracking. The key tools for a fuss-free relationship with your cat.

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Features of the Weenect XS

Take a closer look at the main features of our cat tracker.

GPS Positioning

Track your cat in real time (up to one position per second) with no distance limit.

Recall training

Teach your cat to come home on their own with the remote ring and vibrate feature.

Location history

Follow all your cat’s adventures from the comfort of your phone.

Safety zones

Get an automatic notification if your cat leaves a pre-defined area.

Activity tracking

Monitor your cat's behaviour to help spot any potential health problems.


Find your cat in the dark with the built-in flashlight.

Long-lasting battery

Up to 10 days of battery life using WiFi zones, or 3 days of continuous tracking.

Mini GPS

The world's smallest and lightest cat GPS tracker (60.5x24.5x15mm - 27 grams).

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What about a cat tracker chip or a microchip?

Whether you call it a GPS microchip for cats or a cat microchip tracker, you need to understand that a GPS chip for cats is an impossible urban myth. Think about it, a cat GPS tracker needs a battery, a GPS transmitter and possibly also a SIM card to work; none of which will fit in a microchip. It's also important not to confuse this pipe dream with the electronic chip that identifies your cat when scanned by the vet. Ask your vet for advice if you want to double check you're making the right choice.

Choose a cat tracker with a subscription

Weenect offers unlimited real-time tracking with no distance limit. This is what guarantees you'll always be able to find your cat if they get lost. That's why our cat tracker comes with a SIM card, meaning you need to pay a monthly subscription fee. There are some models of cat GPS with no subscription, using other technologies like Bluetooth (for the Airtag for cats) or radio frequencies (for Garmin products), but they really aren't much use when it comes to finding a lost pet.

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