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Introducing the Singapura

Find out everything you need to know about the Singapura: its characteristics, its behaviour, its training and how much one costs.


The Singapura, the pint-sized charmer

Portrait of a singapura

The Singapura is truly a remarkable breed. Hailing as one of the smallest cat breeds, this little charmer has its roots in Singapore, with a unique heritage that adds to its exotic allure. The Singapura is distinguished by its petite stature, large expressive eyes, and sepia-toned coat, which makes it look like a perpetual kitten. Despite its small size, the Singapura is bursting with energy, curiosity, and affection, often seeking out the company of its human companions for playtime or a cozy lap to snuggle in.

This breed embodies an engaging mix of playfulness and tenderness, making it an ideal companion for those who cherish a close bond with their pets. Welcoming a Singapura into your home means embracing a bundle of joy that will enrich your life with its spirited personality and loving nature.


This selection outlines the unique features of the Singapura breed of cat.


The Singapura is one of the smallest cat breeds, typically standing around 6-8 inches tall and weighing between 4 and 8 pounds.

Coat Length

The Singapura boasts a short, fine coat that is sleek and easy to care for, providing a silky texture that's delightful to touch.


While no cat breed is truly hypoallergenic, the Singapura's minimal shedding makes it a better option for individuals with mild allergies.

Coat color

Singapura cats are known for their singular coat color, a warm ivory background with sepia brown ticking, giving them a distinctive appearance.

Living environment

The adaptable Singapura thrives in both apartments and houses, as long as it has companionship and spaces to explore and play.


Singapuras are extremely sociable, affectionate with family members, good with children, and generally welcoming of other pets.


Singapuras are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they may have predispositions to certain genetic conditions; regular vet check-ups are advised.


With their intelligent and eager-to-please nature, Singapuras respond well to positive reinforcement training, enjoying interactive play and learning tricks.

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The Singapura, an eternal kitten

The Singapura is distinguished by its remarkably small size, often described as the smallest cat breed, making it seem like a perpetual kitten in your home.

Size and weight of the Singapura

a singapura sitting on a white background

The Singapura is petite, with adults rarely exceeding 6-8 inches in height. This breed showcases a noticeable difference in weight between genders; females typically weigh between 4 and 6 pounds, while males can weigh up to 8 pounds.

Singapuras reach their full size more gradually than some breeds, maturing fully around 15 to 24 months. Despite their diminutive stature, they possess a sleek muscular build and a notably small, but sturdy frame, complete with a short tail that adds to their kitten-like appearance.

The Singapura coat

A singapura being stroked by its mistress

Coat length

The Singapura features a short, fine coat that is both sleek and close-lying, offering a glossy appearance that highlights its natural elegance. This coat's texture is satiny, providing a soft and silky feel, which further accentuates the breed's diminutive and delicate stature.

Coat colour

The Singapura's coat boasts a unique color palette, primarily showcasing a warm, ivory base with distinct ticking. The ticking refers to the alternating light and dark bands on the hair shafts, with sepia brown being the predominant hue. This singular coat pattern and color, reminiscent of the breed's Southeast Asian heritage, give the Singapura a distinctive and captivating appearance.

Other characteristics of the Singapura

A singapura sitting on a white sheet

Other physical characteristics

The Singapura's allure doesn't just lie in its coat. This breed is notable for its small, but muscular body, giving it an agile and graceful gait. Its legs are slender, ending in compact, oval paws. The head is rounded with a slight wedge shape, but it's the ears that catch the eye - large, wide at the base, and slightly pointed at the tips, giving an alert expression.

The Singapura's body is sturdy yet delicate, with fine boning and well-developed musculature that doesn't detract from its petite frame. Its muzzle is short and blunt, enhancing its kitten-like appearance. The eyes are perhaps its most striking feature: large, almond-shaped, and gleaming with possible shades ranging from yellow to green. These traits, combined, make the Singapura a distinctive and enchanting breed, embodying an eternal kitten essence.

a singapura lying on its back with its paw in front of its eyes


Grooming a Singapura is a straightforward affair, thanks to its short, fine coat that requires minimal maintenance. A gentle brushing once a week is sufficient to keep its coat sleek and reduce shedding, which is minimal for this breed. During the slight shedding season, a slight increase in brushing frequency can help manage loose fur.

Bathing is rarely necessary for the Singapura, as they are proficient self-groomers; however, an occasional bath may be beneficial, especially for indoor cats, using a mild, cat-appropriate shampoo. This minimal grooming routine not only keeps the Singapura looking its best but also provides a great opportunity for bonding with this affectionate breed.


What is the temperament of the Singapura?

The Singapura is known for its affectionate, playful personality, making it an excellent companion for all ages.

Singapura sociability

A singapura ready to jump

The miniature companion

The Singapura cat is exceptionally sociable, thriving on human interaction and forming strong bonds with its owners quickly. Known for their curious and engaging nature, these cats love to be involved in all household activities, often following their owners from room to room. Despite their small size, they have a big presence, offering endless entertainment with their playful antics yet relishing extended cuddle sessions.

Their vocalizations are soft yet expressive, conveying their needs and moods through gentle purrs and quiet meows. The Singapura's need for attention is high, requiring an owner who appreciates and reciprocates their affectionate demeanor.

a singapura perched in a tree

Harmonious housemate

The Singapura's temperament is characterized by its gentle, easygoing nature, making it a perfect fit for families, including those with children, other cats, and even dogs. They exhibit a remarkable level of sociability and patience, rarely showing aggression.

Instead, when overwhelmed, they prefer to retreat and find a quiet space to relax. Their adaptability and tolerance make them ideal companions for a harmonious household, seamlessly integrating into various family dynamics and forming lasting bonds with all members.

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Living environment of the Singapura

A Singapura being kissed by its master

The adaptable companion

The Singapura's flexible nature allows it to thrive in various living situations, proving that this breed can easily adjust to both bustling apartments and spacious homes. The presence of their owners is crucial for the Singapura, as they crave interaction and companionship.

Ideally, they should live in environments where they can receive plenty of attention and where their playful and curious nature can be accommodated with enough space for exploration and activity.

a singapura playing with a fake mouse

Engaging the petite explorer

Known for their spirited and inquisitive behavior, Singapuras require an environment that caters to their high energy levels and need for mental stimulation. Providing puzzles, toys, and interactive play sessions with their owners greatly contributes to their overall well-being, preventing boredom and potential mischief.

It's also important to create peaceful retreats within the home where this miniature adventurer can unwind and recharge, ensuring a balance between playtime and rest.

Training the Singapura

A portrait of a Singapura

Initiating training at a young age is vital for the Singapura, setting the stage for a well-mannered adult cat. Education should be grounded in positivity, including rewards, gentle guidance, and consistency to foster trust and cooperation.

Singapuras, with their keen intelligence and eagerness to please, respond exceptionally well to training that incorporates play, making learning both fun and effective. This approach not only aids in mental stimulation but also strengthens the bond between pet and owner, laying the foundation for a harmonious relationship.


How to take care of the Singapura

The Singapura, a notably hardy and resilient breed, is renowned for its overall good health and lack of breed-specific health issues.

Health of the Singapura

A singapura at the vet

Robustness and Vigor

The Singapura is characterized by its robust health and vitality, generally maintaining good health throughout its life. While it is a breed that is typically healthy and seldom falls ill, it is important to be aware that, like all cats, the Singapura could be at risk of certain hereditary conditions such as feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and polycystic kidney disease.

The availability of DNA testing can help identify these conditions early on, potentially preventing their transmission to future generations. Regular veterinary visits are crucial for the Singapura, ensuring they stay up to date with vaccinations against common ailments like feline enteritis and rabies, which are essential for maintaining their health and well-being.

Feeding the Singapura

a singapura in front of some kibbles

Petite and energetic

The Singapura, with its small, svelte body and fine musculature, epitomizes the miniature cat breed. To maintain its lean figure and vibrant health, it's crucial to provide a diet that is high in quality. Nutrient-rich kibble forms the cornerstone of their dietary needs, ideally supplemented with hydrating green vegetables to support renal health and complement the dry food.

Controlled growth and diet

The Singapura matures more quickly than larger cat breeds, generally reaching full size by the age of 15 to 24 months. Due to their rapid growth and small stature, it's essential to monitor their diet closely to avoid overfeeding. Consistency in kibble brand helps maintain dietary stability, while structured feeding times play a key role in ensuring a healthy digestive process.

A Singapura lying on a blue-sheeted bed

Active lifestyle management

Despite its diminutive size, the Singapura is notably active and playful, preferring engagement and interaction over idle rest. Given their propensity for activity, managing their diet to prevent weight gain is less of a concern than for more sedentary breeds.

However, encouraging regular play and exercise remains vital to avoid any risk of obesity and to foster overall well-being. Interactive playtime with their owners not only aids in maintaining a healthy weight but also strengthens the bond between pet and human, providing both mental and physical stimulation for this lively breed.


How much does a Singapura cost?

The Singapura, one of the smallest and most affectionate cat breeds, is highly cherished by cat lovers. While there are several breeders specializing in this exotic breed, it is crucial to proceed with care when considering adoption.

Choosing the right Singapura

Two Singapura kittens

How to choose your Singapura

Purebred Singapuras are typically offered by professional breeders or dedicated catteries. It's essential to visit these facilities in person to assess the cats' living conditions and ensure they meet high welfare standards.

From June 10, 2024 you must have your cat microchipped by the age of 20 weeks old and register its details in a relevant database such as Petlog or The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). This is a legal requirement in Britain, and failure to comply could result in a fine of


It's also important to ensure that health check-ups and DNA tests have been conducted on the kitten and its parents to identify potential hereditary health issues.

a singapura with a scratched neck

The price of a Singapura

The cost of acquiring a Singapura kitten varies based on factors including the breeder's reputation, the cat's lineage, pedigree, and age. Typically, prices range from


for a kitten.

Beyond the initial purchase, the Singapura, like any pet, incurs ongoing expenses related to health care, nutrition, and well-being.

Annually, these costs can amount to an estimated


, underscoring the significance of financial readiness for pet ownership. Embracing a Singapura into your home is a long-term commitment, with the breed known for its longevity and companionship, making it imperative to thoroughly understand and prepare for the responsibilities of cat ownership.

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