Press release - 12/08/2022

Weenect is coming to America with a revolutionary pet GPS tracker

Weenect, the #1 cat and dog GPS tracker brand in France and in several European countries, will launch its American branch in December 2022. And the company is not entering this new venture empty-handed. Indeed, the company is launching a brand new 4G tracker, the Weenect XS, which will revolutionize pet safety.

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A successful company

For the past 10 years, Weenect has established itself as the leading retailer of tracking devices for cats and dogs in France. It has also built a strong position in Europe. With over 250,000 users, an average rating of 4.5/5 and a network of over 2,000 partner stores and vets, Weenect's success is beyond question.

Building on this success, the company has now moved beyond the self-financing stage and is preparing for the future. That's why Weenect will launch its American branch, Weenect Inc. in the beginning of 2023, and the company has gone all out with a brand new 4G tracker that is set to change the pet safety industry.

The latest innovation in pet safety

Global network coverage

This exciting new GPS works, like previous generations, in real time and with no range limit. It is the only tracker of its kind to combine LTE-M, NB-IoT and 4G, with 2G backup. The tracker will also be compatible with 5G networks in the future, offering a bridge between past, present and future networks. The Weenect XS is timeless.

It is also fitted with a cross-carrier sim card allowing it to connect to the best network available depending on the device's location. In the USA, the tracker is compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, Commnet, Alaska Wireless Network, and Cellular One – providing the best coverage in the country.

Military-grade positioning, in real time

The Weenect XS is also fitted with a high-tech Thales GPS unit that provides access to all existing satellite constellations (GPS, Galileo, Beidou and Glonass) for superior accuracy. When losing your pet, there's no time to lose! Weenect is the only manufacturer to update the position of its tracker every second, with no usage limits.

To (truly) find your pet anywhere

Like the previous model, the 5G tracker is the smallest GPS on the market (0.95 oz./27g only), but now comes with new features. The built-in flashlight can be switched on at any time to find a lost pet at night. The tracker can also buzz or ring remotely, making it easier to find a pet hidden in a tree top or in a bush.

Moreover, the tracker now uses public wifi terminals to retrieve the position of the pet cat or dog at anytime, even when GPS signal is not available (in a barn or a cellar for example). The wifi feature will also greatly save battery life, providing up to one month of autonomy.

The best design for the comfort of your cats and dogs

Weenect has completely redesigned the ergonomics of the tracker to make it even more comfortable for cats and dogs. The GPS is now curved to fit the shape of the pet’s neck and avoid snagging to branches when outside.

The provided accessories are the perfect addition: silicone cases that fit any collar size, and a breakaway collar (for the cat version) to protect it from any danger.

An exclusive launch offer

The Weenect XS will be officially launched in the United States in December 2022, with a new and exclusive launch offer: a tracker for $49.99 with a free one-year subscription for the first customers.

Available only on Amazon in the US at first, the plan is to build a large network of physical resellers by 2023. The new product will also be available in Europe by March 2023.

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