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What are the most common cat breeds?

Choosing a perfect cat breed is a highly personal decision that requires attentively considering various factors. Although it shouldn’t be fuelled by current trends, it might be interesting to know which cat breeds are the most common among cat owners, as they are popular for a reason. Take a look at our list of 10 breeds favoured by feline lovers and see if there’s a cat that matches your criteria.

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10 most popular cat breeds in the world

Even though there are a lot of cat breeds that may significantly differ from one another in characteristics such as their appearance (including the fur, size, colour, and ears shape) or personality traits, some breeds seem to be favoured over others. In this article, you can find a list of 10 breeds that are most chosen by the owners of feline companions around the world. If you’re in the middle of the process of deciding on a cat for yourself, this list might facilitate your choice and allow you to find the perfect cat breed for yourself.

Domestic Shorthair Cat

A cream Domestic Shorthair Cat sitting in the grass

In many countries, the UK and the US included, Domestic Shorthairs, who along with Domestic Longhairs are called moggies, are the most popular cats. However, because of the unknown and usually mixed ancestry, they cannot be classified as an official breed. What also stands them out from the rest of the cats on this list is their broad gene pool, which results in a great variety of character traits and appearances and patterns in Domestic Shorthairs, including a common tabby cat. That said, moggies are usually social and playful, perfectly adapting to family life and making great companions of them, at the same time being exceptional hunters. Domestic Shorthairs are not only an inexpensive choice, compared to pedigree cats, but they are also low-maintenance, and the risk of health issues is lower.

British Shorthair

Three British Shorthair kittens

British Shorthairs are cats that for decades, if not centuries, have been winning the hearts of cat owners, not only in the UK, but around the world. They are the oldest recorded breed in England, according to some stories brought to the country by Romans around the 1st century. To this breed’s popularity among pet owners contributes the fact that it’s widely represented in many books and movies. Moreover, the short, yet soft and fluffy fur that makes them resemble a teddy bear is something hard not to admire. With their calm temperament and easy-going nature, British Shorthairs are perfect candidates for people dreaming of a cat to cuddle with and to become an integral part of the family life.


A Bengal walking in the grass

Bengal cats, originated as a hybrid between Asian leopard cats and domesticated cats, were officially recognised as a breed in the UK only in 1997. Nowadays, they are one of the most popular cat breeds around the world, distinguishing themselves from the crowd with their unique exotic fur pattern that makes them resemble a miniature leopard. Bengals are also incredibly energetic and playful – traits that don’t leave them even in older age, which makes them a perfect fit for owners willing to spend time playing with their furry friends. Their exceptional intelligence and loyalty are also the features that convince a lot of cat lovers to choose this breed.


A white Ragdoll in a forest

Sometimes referred to as “floppy cats,” Ragdolls take their name from their tendency to go completely limp when held. Not only are they adorable and lovable if it comes to their character, but unlike hairless cat breeds, they look cute with their extremely fluffy coats, blue eyes, and large paws. Ragdolls are great companions both for adults and children, which is why they are perfect family cats. Craving your attention and asking for signs of affection on daily basis, you can be sure that they will never get enough of cuddles with you or another family member.

Maine Coon

A Maine Coon wtaching the camera

The largest breed of domestic cat, also called “the gentle giant,” Maine Coons can weigh even 20 pounds. However, as their nickname suggests, despite their large size, Maine Coons are extremely loving and affectionate creatures with a gentle nature. Apart from that, they’re even bigger fans of sleeping than other cats, and they don’t settle for conventional napping places. You may find your big Maine Coon companion sleeping in unexpected spots all around the house, which shouldn’t surprise you considering this breed’s urge to explore and curious nature. What you also need to take into consideration when deciding on becoming an owner of a Maine Coon is the cat’s maintenance and grooming needs, due to their beautiful, yet long and heavy coats. However, if you are looking for a hypoallergenic cat breed, we recommend you avoid Maine Coons.

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Russian Blue

A Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue cats are widely known for being calm and quiet as well as for their love to take long naps in cosy hidden places. They are thought to be descendants of cats of the Russian czars, hence their name. Although they’re rather suspicious of strangers and prefer to keep their distance, Russian Blue cats are also a very devoted and loyal breed that loves to play and climb high places. With their majestic and smart look – soft blue coat and green eyes – they rule the hearts of many cat owners.


A beutiful grey Persian cat

Similarly to Russian Blue cats, Persians tend to stay away from newcomers, at the same time being loyal to their family. They are one of the oldest recognised breeds, first discovered in Iran (called Persia at the time, hence the cat’s name), but brought to the eye of the wider public in 1871. Persians are adorable and undemanding (in terms of petting and food) cats with laid-back and independent personalities, which makes them perfect partners for a relaxed lifestyle and cuddles. Their slim bodies and long coat make them highly recognisable and give them a distinguished air.


A Siamese cat on a bush

Siamese cats originated in Thailand and are named after the region they come from. They are a sophisticated, but also a highly recognisable breed, with their pointy body, triangular shape of ears and slim paws. As they don’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time, they’re best suited for busy households, preferably with children or other pets that could act as their playtime partners. Siamese cats are a rather demanding and attention-seeking type, and as they're known to be very talkative and vocal, they will not hesitate to communicate their needs to the family members.


An Abyssinian kitten on a blanket

The Abyssinian is one of the most intelligent breeds, at the same time being extremely active and full of energy. Abyssinians originally come from Ethiopia, previously called Abyssinia, and they have a distinctive, orange-coloured fur, as well as long ears and a striking face. Although they are not great fans of cuddles on their owners’ laps, they like the company of people, and tend to follow their family members around the house in a dog-like manner. Similarly to Siamese cats, Abyssinians do well when surrounded by children and other pets.

American Shorthair

A black and white American Shorthair

Bred as "working" cats to deal with rats and mice, American Shorthairs are very muscular and athletic cats that love hunting and chasing after small animals. At the same time, this breed is known to be extremely affectionate, cuddly, and social, which makes them a perfect family cat. Still preserving their active nature, American Shorthairs require entertainment and physical activity. Due to that, make sure you'll have enough time to play with your cat, teach them tricks, or provide them with fun interactive toys.


All the cat breeds on our list differ not only in their looks, but also in their temperaments and lifestyle preferences. What remains the same is the fact that they will feel happiest in a household where their needs are met and where they are given as much love and attention or independence and privacy as their nature requires. When deciding on a perfect cat breed for yourself, make sure you’ll be able to provide the environment suitable both for you and your future feline friend.

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