Hunting dog tracker

Hunting dog tracking system

Weenect XS is the only hunting dog tracker in the world to combine real-time tracking (one position per second) and no distance limit.

Track, find, share

Follow all your dogs in real time throughout the hunt

Hunting dog tracker

The Weenect XS allows you to track your dogs' movements in real time during a hunt. The hunting dog tracker has a live link to your phone and works with no distance limit.

Perfect for packs, you can track all your dogs from the same app. You can even have multiple people logging in at the same time, each on their own phone.

The best possible coverage

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For pets that go... a little too far...

Our pets' natural instincts and their appetite for adventure often make them go... a little too far... Keep your dog safe every time with Weenect.

Find your dog - wherever they are.

We make you two promises: that you won't lose your dog, and that you'll spend less time looking for them. With Weenect you and your friends can enjoy the hunt like never before.

Find them fast with our different tracking modes.

What if a dog is separated from the pack or runs too far away in the heat of the hunt? Using the features in the Weenect app (iOS and Android), you'll be able to find your dog in a flash.

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Multiple map views to find your dog

The Weenect hunting dog tracking system features fully wireless tracking, showing your dog's GPS position on a variety of map views: classic, satellite, or even terrain and hiking trails (optional).

A compass to point you in the right direction

Following a map in the middle of the woods isn't the easiest thing in the world. That's why we include a compass view to help guide you to your dog. This view shows you which direction to go and how far away you are from your dog.

Get the most out of your hunts with our extra features.

Keep your dog safe every time, with Weenect. Over 10 years of innovation, at your service.

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Remote ring and vibrate features for recall training

Every time you feed your dog, make the tracker ring or vibrate so your dog learns to associate the vibrate and/or ring with being fed. This method of training is completely painless for your dog and extremely effective.

When the hunt's over, a simple tap in your Weenect app will have them bounding back to you.

A flashlight to light up your dog in the dark

Hunting trip running late? The Weenect XS hunting dog tracker has a built-in flashlight, making dogs easily visible in the dark.

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Over 250,000 pet owners already trust us to keep their pets safe.

Join the community of dog and cat owners who already use Weenect every day. Over 90% of them have recommended our pet trackers to their friends and family.

Enjoy exclusive additional features.

Weenect has so much more to offer than simply GPS tracking your hunts. The key tools for a trouble-free relationship with your dog.

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Features of the Weenect XS

Take a closer look at the main features of our hunting dog tracking system.

GPS tracking

Locate your dog in real time (up to one position per second) with no distance limit.

Recall training

Train your dog to come back to you using the remote ring or vibrate feature.

Location history

Look back through all your hunts with your dog exactly as they happened.

Safety zones

Get an automatic notification if your dog leaves a pre-defined area.

Activity tracking

Monitor your dog's behaviour through their activity.


Find your dog in the dark with the built-in flashlight.

Long-lasting battery

Up to 10 days of battery life using WiFi zones, or 3 days of continuous tracking.

Mini GPS

The world's smallest and lightest dog tracker (60.5x24.5x15mm - 27 grams).

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What's the difference between Weenect and Garmin hunting dog trackers?

Unlike Garmin products, which have a limited range of just a few miles, the Weenect XS has no distance limit. Peace of mind that you'll always find your dog after a hunt.

Only the most expensive Garmin products allow you to track several dogs at the same time. Weenect lets you add as many dogs as you want to the same account.

Garmin products work with one single receiver which makes it more difficult to share the dogs' positions with the other hunters. Weenect allows you to all access the same account at the same time, so you can track the hunt together.

Our hunting dog tracking system comes with a SIM card, meaning you need to pay a monthly subscription fee. Despite the extra advantages of a Weenect tracker, the total cost for one hunting season is almost 3 times less than if you were using entry-level Garmin products, and more than 6 times cheaper than a season using the most advanced Garmin products. Weenect is the ideal solution for tracking all your dogs at a very reasonable price.

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