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What does each of the LEDs on your tracker mean?

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It is not always straightforward understanding the meaning of the LEDs on your tracker. So we have created explanation videos for you that describe the function of each, and how you turn the device on and off. Understanding these indicators will help you get the most out of your Weenect GPS tracker.

The LEDs on the GPS trackers for cats and dogs

Firstly comes the explanatory video of the LEDs on our GPS trackers for cats and dogs. Take the time to watch it carefully and take in the aspects presented. Also, why not have your GPS with you so that you can repeat the procedures yourself?

The LEDs of the GPS trackers for children and seniors

Below you will find the video images explaining the LEDs of our GPS trackers for children and seniors. As with the video on our GPS for cats and dogs, we recommend that you have your tracker with you while watching the video. You will be able to repeat the different steps presented and thus better memorise them.