Chapter 6

What support is available for my AirTag? Exploring the options

Losing keys or misplacing a bag can quickly turn into a nightmare. Apple's AirTag offers a practical solution to this modern issue. Depending on how you intend to use your AirTag, some supports prove to be more suitable than others. This article explores the available supports for the AirTag, from the official key ring to pet collars, and delves into Apple's recommendations and specialized alternatives from Weenect for complete peace of mind.


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AirTag key rings: design and utility by Apple

Apple keyring for AirTag in different colours

The concept of AirTag key rings

Apple's AirTag key rings do more than secure your AirTags; they turn them into fashionable accessories. Available in various materials, from elegant leather to durable silicone, they are designed to protect your AirTag from scratches and shocks. They ensure that it stays securely attached to your most valuable items. The benefit of opting for an official Apple key ring lies in its design, which harmonizes with your lifestyle and Apple devices while offering added security through a robust fastening system.

How to choose the best key ring for your AirTag ?

Selecting the right key ring for your AirTag depends on several factors: aesthetics, materials, and functionality. First, determine which style best complements your daily life. Do you prefer the soft and luxurious feel of leather or the resilience and lightness of silicone? Next, consider the environment where you plan to use your AirTag. If you're often outdoors or in conditions where moisture and shocks are common, a silicone key ring might be more suitable.

Among the popular options, Apple's leather key ring stands out for its elegance and durability, adding a touch of refinement while protecting your tracking device. For those seeking something more colorful and resilient, silicone key rings come in various vibrant hues, ensuring your AirTags remain visible. No matter your choice, the key is to select a key ring that not only protects your AirTag but also integrates seamlessly into your life, ensuring you never lose what matters most to you.

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AirTag supports for every need: beyond key rings

Plotter placed under a bicycle saddle

Options for bikes and cars

For cyclists, specially designed AirTag bike mounts can be discreetly attached under the saddle or in other strategic spots, making it easy to locate your bike in case of theft or loss. These mounts are generally robust, weather-resistant, and designed to keep the AirTag securely in place even on the roughest terrains. For motorists, supports suitable for the vehicle's interior allow for attaching an AirTag in discreet yet accessible areas. This can be especially useful in large parking lots where finding your car can be challenging. The importance of choosing a suitable support lies in its ability to secure the AirTag while remaining inconspicuous, ensuring the tracking device is not detected or maliciously removed.

Other innovative supports for AirTag

Beyond bikes and cars, the imagination is your only limit when it comes to tracking items with an AirTag. Innovative supports have been designed for a multitude of uses, including those not initially anticipated by Apple. For example, specialized supports can attach an AirTag to backpacks, electronic equipment, musical instruments, and even children's clothing during outings in crowded public places.

These supports vary in form and function, from discreet pockets that can be sewn into clothing to robust clips that firmly attach to heavier equipment. The essential criterion in choosing these supports is their ability to keep the AirTag in place while adapting to the intended use of the item being tracked. Whether for personal security, tracking valuable items while traveling, or even keeping an eye on professional equipment, an AirTag support is ready to meet your needs.

AirTags for pets: AirTag collars and considerations

A black cat wearing an AirTag collar

Using an AirTag with collars for dogs and cats

AirTag collars and harnesses specifically designed to integrate an AirTag offer a simple and discreet method to track your pets' movements. These accessories are usually easy to use: just insert the AirTag into a dedicated compartment. Your companion now carries a discreet tracking device that can help you find them when needed. The benefits of this method include ease of use and discretion, allowing your pets to continue their activities without being hindered by a cumbersome tracking device.

However, it is important to note the limitations of this approach. AirTags use Bluetooth technology, which means the tracking range is limited to the proximity of Apple devices in the 'Find My' network. This can be problematic in less populated areas where Apple devices are less prevalent.

Apple's recommendations and alternative tracking options

Apple has expressed reservations about using AirTags to track dogs or cats, emphasizing that AirTags are designed for objects, not living beings, primarily due to Bluetooth technology's limitations and the 'Find My' network's range. In light of these limitations, Weenect's GPS trackers offer a specialized and significantly more appropriate alternative for secure tracking of your pets. Unlike AirTags, Weenect devices leverage GPS technology with cellular connectivity for precise global tracking, allowing real-time tracking of your pet regardless of distance.

Designed specifically for pets' needs, these trackers offer tailored features such as movement history, the creation of virtual safe zones, and training options for some models. Notably, our XS model for cats directly integrates an anti-strangulation collar, ensuring the attachment and support are provided with the tracker and perfectly suited for their use. Thus, while using an AirTag to track your pet may seem tempting, it is crucial to consider Apple's recommendations and explore alternatives like Weenect's GPS trackers, designed specifically for securely and effectively tracking pets.


Apple's AirTags provide a practical solution for tracking various objects through a range of supports, from key rings to options for bikes and cars. This variety of supports allows for extensive use of AirTags in daily life.

However, when it comes to tracking pets, the limitations of AirTags become apparent. While AirTags can be attached to collars, they are not ideal for all scenarios, particularly for tracking pets. In such cases, specialized devices like Weenect's trackers prove to be more suitable alternatives, highlighting the importance of choosing the appropriate tool based on specific needs.

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