Our GPS solution for cats and dogs

The world's smallest GPS for pets, using our mobile app for positions. Works with a subscription (starting from £3.75/month).

The Smallest GPS tracker for your furry friends

Our tracking solution for dogs and cats works by combining GPS collars with a mobile application. The whole system allows you to track your pet in real time and without any distance limit.

The reliability of our solution is recognised by all professionals in the pet world. More than 2,000 of them recommend it or sell it in their stores.

Our GPS trackers have also been tested by a panel of vets who have all praised their usefulness, medically certifying that they are perfectly suited to an adult animal.

Function No. 1

Locate in real-time and with no distance limit

  1. Be notified upon exit from the safety zone
  2. Super live tracking giving an updated position every 10 seconds
  3. Control the GPS intervals: from 10 seconds to 1 hour
Function No. 2

Prevent runaways using safety zones

  1. Notifications and alerts upon exit from the zone
  2. Radius of 50m to 2,000m
  3. Create an unlimited number of zones
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Function No. 3

Education recall with ringing and vibration

  1. Call your pet to eat by ringing or vibrating
  2. The animal will link the two events
  3. Once the animal hears the ringing or vibration they will return home to eat

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Function No. 4

Location history and territory analysis

  1. Plot all GPS positions detected over the past 24 hours
  2. Activity history available for over 2 months
  3. Heat map - to discover your pet's secret life

The GPS trackers

of our solution for cats and dogs

Weenect Cats 2 and Weenect Dogs 2

Recommended retail price
£49.95 - We are committed to always respecting this price on our site
Client satisfaction
Average of 4.3/5 based on over 3,500 Trustpilot reviews; a sign of the confidence in our product from our users.
Opinion of vets
Our GPS trackers were tested and validated by a panel of veterinarians.

The world's smallest GPS trackers for cats and dogs

Weight and dimensions
58x23x10mm and 25g; the two trackers are perfectly adapted to adult animals.
550mA/H; up to 3 days of battery life. The GPS is recharged in under 2 hours.
Resistant to water
Our GPS units are fully waterproof: IP67 standard for resistance to a depth of 1 metre.
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to be chosen when registering the tracker on our site

All subscriptions provide an unlimited number of GPS positions per month, in real time and without distance limit.

The price only varies based on the length of the subscription; the level of service remains the same.

Monthly: the payment is made once a month, with a minimum commitment of three months
1 year prepaid (equivalent of £5.83/month): the payment is made once a year, renewable at the end of the period.
3 years prepaid (equivalent of £3.75/month): the payment is made once every 3 years, renewable at the end of the period

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