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The GPS can only be registered to one account at a time, so a thief cannot use it if it is stolen. As long as the GPS is switched on, we know where it is in real-time and without a distance limit. It is therefore very easy to find a stolen GPS or one that has simply fallen off the animal's collar. The damage and loss insurance covers all cases of loss of the GPS (£3.99/month). In the event of a problem, we will replace it immediately, unconditionally.

The Weenect GPS is the smallest and lightest (25g) on the market. A panel of vets has validated that it is safe for an adult cat, whatever its weight. It may be necessary to get your cat used to wearing the collar beforehand. You should also consider using an anti-choke collar to avoid any unnecessary risk.

Price should never be the deciding factor when it comes to safety. Quality is paramount, as is service. Weenect is the guarantee of a recognised French company, whose customer service is accessible and attentive. It is also the best technology with real-time GPS tracking and no distance limit. The best quality/price ratio is our commitment.

In order for the GPS to work in real time and with an unlimited distance, it must be equipped with a SIM card. It is this card that explains the need for a subscription (from only £3.75/month). Products without a subscription work either with a very limited distance (only a few metres) or with a maximum number of positions per day.

Weenect GPS units have a maximum battery life of 72 hours. Certain criteria could reduce this time: a large number of positions communicated per minute, a weak GPS signal or a poor mobile connection (as the tracker will use the battery heavily in order to search for the network or the GPS signal).

The Weenect GPS devices for dogs and cats are both IP67 certified, which means that they can accompany the equipped animal wherever it goes, even in water. They are designed to withstand immersion at a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes.

Weenect GPS trackers are stand-alone units and all have a unique SIM card. You therefore need to take out a subscription for each tracker purchased. This allows you to leave your pet free to communicate and follow its activity in real time and without any distance limit!

An account can be shared with any trusted person. There is no limit to the number of people connected to the same account. All members of the family can download the application and watch over the animal. It's fun and safe.

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We have three European warehouses: in France, the Netherlands (on the border with Germany and Belgium) and the United Kingdom. Your order will automatically be handled by the warehouse closest to your delivery location.

All POS materials (countertop display stand, flyers, posters) are sent free of charge with every first order. They can be sent with a subsequent order if you request it, always free of charge.

On our e-shop, we are committed to always respecting the recommended retail price and do not practice any price reductions. In addition, several times a year we offer cashback deals so that your customers can take advantage of more attractive offers compared to our online site!

We have a direct telephone line dedicated to our partner shops in order to answer your teams' questions and train them on our products at any time of the day. For any questions about our solution we are available from 8am to 5pm, 5 days a week from Monday to Friday on 056 0375 0745.

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