Weenect Kids

GPS tracker for kids with:

  • GPS tracking / No distance limit
  • SOS button / Emergency telephone (10 mins/month)
  • Location history / Safe zones
  • 7 days battery life / Waterproof pouch
  • Mobile app / Authorised at school

Functions with subscription, from £ 3.75 per month.


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GPS for kids with long-lasting battery

Kid wearing Weenect Kids GPS tracker

With Weenect Kids you can follow your child's movements in real time, and no distance limit. Your child may be miles away from you, but you can always locate them. The included SIM card is multi-network which allows coverage of 99% of the country. Note: the product will not be able to function if there is no cellular service available in your area.

The included protective pouch allows you to attach the GPS for kids to their belt, or to store it more discreetly in their bag. Add as many children as you want to your account, you can track them all from the same application. Note that there is no limit to the number of users on the same account, so all the child's loved ones can keep an eye on them.

Kid wearing Weenect Kids GPS tracker
GPS tracking feature of Weenect Kids

Live tracking

Support your child as they become independent; you can watch over them remotely with real-time tracking (up to 1 position every 10 seconds).

SOS feature of Weenect Kids

Emergency telephone

Receive an alert as soon as your child presses the SOS button on their tracker. You can call them to provide reassurance and then reach them using their GPS position.

Safe zone feature of Weenect Kids

Safe zones

Protect your child's journeys by creating as many zones as you wish (home and school for example), and if your child enters or leaves you receive a notification by phone.

Safeguard your child in just 3 steps


1. Buy your tracker

Available on our site or on Amazon. We guarantee you the same price everywhere.


2. Select your subscription

When registering the tracker on our site (after having received it):


3. Select your subscription

When registering the tracker on our site (after having received it):

Technical description

Weenect Kids and its mobile application


Apple iOS 10.3 or higher
Android 4.1 or higher
Web app on all browsers


1700mA/H ; Up to 7 days battery life

Size and weight

65x40x18mm ; 55g


SIM card included in the product
GPRS 900/1800 MHz
See the list of countries covered

Contents of the box

1 Weenect Kids GPS for kids, 1 waterproof protective pouch, 1 USB cable and 1 quick start guide.

What our customers say about Weenect Kids

Great 4.4/5 based on 908 reviews
Lionel Toumpsin 29 days ago
4 / 5

Easy to use, however, only one user can be linked to the tracker.. so for separated parents or extended family, everyone needs to share the same login and settings. Location takes sometimes quite long to get updated.

CK 37 days ago
5 / 5

Gute Positionsnachverfolgung in near-realtime.

Olga Cassano 46 days ago
5 / 5

We as parents love it as we can leave it in their bag as needed, be it on travel or during their long school walk. Helped during emergency situations also, when my son had a big fall on the way to school.

Aurelie conegero 56 days ago
5 / 5

Traceur très performant, application très pratique .

Ed 106 days ago
4 / 5

Got this as moved to a new area and child starting secondary school which initially had a no phone policy and walking/riding for the first time. Great piece of kit no problems as yet in 4 months of daily use. The geofencing is great and let's me know when he has left/ arrived between home and school within about 5 mins. Lasts 7 days on a single charge but we recharge every sunday anyway. Cost is a small price to pay I opted for the annual which is cheaper. It has 2 customisable presets and an sos button never had to use these but when tested worked well I suppose my only gripe is it stands out and I'd prefer (and so would he) if there was a black version. That said it sits at the bottom of the bag anyway. I did plenty of research on these before purchase and this just had better functionality than similar.

Emma Heywood 107 days ago
5 / 5

I use this for my 12 year old autistic son, his school is 3 miles away so it helps keep my mind at ease that he has made it to and from school safety and should anything happen I know where he is, would absolutely recommend

Kevin Cardona 152 days ago
5 / 5

A very helpful device indeed to keep track of your child's movements.

Valentina 153 days ago
5 / 5

Very goodddd

Jacqueline 165 days ago
4 / 5

Very happy with the weenect, and will definitely recommend it to others. Very happy mum🙂

Elle Carcamo 168 days ago
5 / 5

Really accurate GPG posstion, have a 1minute delay but once update is good. The app is simple to use and my wife get emails with tutorials. Battery life is good

Kristof Gal 170 days ago
5 / 5

Très bon kid tracker, for an affordable price.

Fábio Pinto 172 days ago
4 / 5

Awesome product I'm very happy with it. 👍

Deepto Adhikari 179 days ago
4 / 5

It is pretty early to share the feedback as we have used the device effectively for just 4 days. We like the device. We would request you to please plan to share ur server upgrade/maintenance notifications via SMS/app notification that will help us understand if any outage is expected which was noticed yesterday. Thank you!

MK 179 days ago
4 / 5

The Amazon listing recommended also buying a sim in a bundle but there is a sim already in the device - so a waste of £5. Otherwise, once you're over the slightly difficult to understand wording of the setup guide, it works fine (only been 3 days but I can easily see where my daughter is using the web app).

Pierre-olivier Leroy 180 days ago
5 / 5

Simple efficace et rassurant

Jeremy Xuereb 231 days ago
5 / 5

I am very happy with this purchase. Every morning I have my mind at rest that my daughter has arrived at school and I receive a notification when she has left school in the afternoon & can track the school bus journey. I can also keep track of her when she's out with relatives/friends.

Frank Lambert 467 days ago
5 / 5

Onfeilbaar trackingsysteem

Stéphane Terrier 587 days ago
5 / 5

Traceur facile à transporter, robuste, fiable. Application fonctionnelle et intuitive.

KONSTANTINOS Sfyrakis 1093 days ago
5 / 5

I bought this tracker for my kid, and after testing it for a few weeks works very well. Very happy with it. I recommend it.

Antoine Delafargue 1216 days ago
4 / 5

My wife had the fear of her life when ou 10yr old did not come home from school at the planned hour. Turned out the schedule was off by one hour. Hence we got Weenect and had another instance since then where it helped us. It worked very well , is very well thought out, and should be default choice if you don t want smartphones to spoil your kids. If i could give minor improvement advice: better battery life or power load optimisation, dimmer leds.

Stefan Bauer 1404 days ago
5 / 5

Unverzichtbarer Begleiter in der Großstadt

Estelle Bonello Sant 5 days ago
4 / 5

It’s very helpful and user friendly

Matt 120 days ago
4 / 5

We love the peace of mind this gives us. We can see where our kid is at all times. Great when she’s walking home from school.

Andrej Kostyra 137 days ago
5 / 5

Use devises for years, very professionally service.

Marco Mercieca 141 days ago
5 / 5

Very reliable

Nasser Mallah 151 days ago
4 / 5

We are living in Germany and we were using this device since two years, we find it useful for our both 7-8 years old boys security. Until they reach 12, we will keep using it.

Jonathan 157 days ago
5 / 5

It has been truly brilliant with a fearless youngster...

Wendy Davis 175 days ago
5 / 5

Brilliant product, great to take when going somewhere busy for peace of mind and safety. Easy to use and quality design. Great app too

Melissa 177 days ago
5 / 5

We only use it afew times a year (at large festivals) or places our son is likely to wander away from us, and it has been invaluable. Really like this product.

Marian Dulina 178 days ago
5 / 5

Very good. I’m happy with that.

Daniel 178 days ago
5 / 5

Good app and device. Useful to track location even on bus trips

Alastair Steven 179 days ago
4 / 5

This device was great when my youngest was starting to take public transport by himself at first - helped reassure us both. I dont need it now he is older and allowed a mobile phone in school but continuing to use it for occasional situations - great for adult with car to find adult needing picked up/to estimate when train going to be arriving etc without the privacy invasions of mobile phone monitoring. Would buy again for a child not allowed a mobile phone in school but otherwise although I intend to renew my subscription I would probably still say most thigs iit does could be done as well with a mobile phone

Dem Roulston 179 days ago
4 / 5

It was good

Johan Flikkema 179 days ago
4 / 5

great and very reliable

Lori Woods 179 days ago
4 / 5

This works well when outside (usually) generally I can see my child moving from school to home. We have not an easy time when the sos or other buttons are activated and using the app. Most times I never get the option on my iPhone to call. I can see the email but it doesn’t not activate the communication between my phone and the tracker every time.

Artem Gulyaev 179 days ago
4 / 5

It is very OK: works around the globe. The only issue is that the device got broken two times per two years - which is a bit overhead. Was replaced by the guarantee - thanks! And the app gets better with time, this is important And I'm still not sure how water proof it is: never tried to put it in the water, but the open USB port (without a plug) looks a bit vulnerable.

Joe Ritchie 179 days ago
4 / 5

The app and tracking capabilities are good. However, the tracker sometimes vibrates continually when the device is switched on - in order to stop the vibrating, the device needs to be switched off and on again - sometimes several times. I’m general though, it is a good bit of tech.

Eleonore Glendinning 179 days ago
4 / 5

Great item for kids too young to use a phone - especially considering the worldwide coverage.

Dimitrios Ringas 179 days ago
4 / 5

Excellent product, durable and discrete design. Well designed and well working app that allows geo fencing, live monitoring and push notifications. Panic button and 10’ mobile call credit provide parent and kid with peace of mind. Has been used in two counties without problems. Only drawback the payment procedure; if you select perpetual contract, all is good. But if you wish to enable disable it (eg when traveling) it can be troublesome to get the bank transaction through; I would happily pay a couple € more to be able to top up when needed via credit/debit card with no recurring commitment.

Nikki 179 days ago
5 / 5

Brilliant tracker when they are too young to have a phone.

Omer Ugur Omeroglu 179 days ago
5 / 5

Delivers everything promised.. Reliable.. Very happy...

Stanislav Martsenyuk 179 days ago
5 / 5

Nice tracker. Works everywhere. Don't know what to say else.

Zacce Akerman 179 days ago
5 / 5

The product and service are just great and been working without hiccups. Unfortunately has Switzerland decided to stop with the 2G end of 2020 and though it will be obsolete. You should update your trackers to 4G as some countries are going to kill even 3G very soon

Rosi Haufe 179 days ago
4 / 5

It is ok. GPS noch 100%exactly.

Aundria Hanna 179 days ago
4 / 5

It’s great for keeping tabs on your child but what I will say is it’s a shame it’s not more compact as I can only put it in my sons coat, gps can fail at times and cut off but this is rare overall great item

Maarit Rämö 179 days ago
5 / 5

Very good tracker.

Kevin Murray 179 days ago
5 / 5

Fine product but my children are older now so we no longer need them. I wish to unsubscribe and have already asked to do so

Olivia Zammit 179 days ago
5 / 5


Philip Ross 208 days ago
5 / 5

We bought this for our boat so we knew where our boat was at anchor if we left it. It has worked brilliantly and we have been extremely pleased. We can leave the. OST and go out of sight and know she has not moved. The staff are very helpful both in the phone and by email and I have been extremely impressed. Well done and I hope you do well.

Dami Choi 215 days ago
4 / 5

I used it two years and fully satisfied. But only the ‘emergency call’ is not working properly, so I wrote an email but there was no answer for long.. Except this problem, I would recommend..

Lorraine Sciberras 223 days ago
5 / 5

Peace of mind

Muhammad Khan 223 days ago
5 / 5

It is a very useful and safe option to track your child whereabouts.

Scott 244 days ago
4 / 5

Can take a few attempts to get the tracker to reconnect after the battery is fully drained but once online it’s reliable and easy to use. Would recommend

Seema iSLAM 267 days ago
5 / 5

Weenect has made a huge difference in helping us keep track of our 11 year old autistic son. In general reliable though from time to time we do lose signal for a day. But weenect customer service tends to respond promptly to this and can reset remotely. Highly recommended!

CHRIS BYRNE 268 days ago
5 / 5

Its a great tracker, has given us great peace of mind. We can see where our special needs son is all the time.

Justine Burgess 351 days ago
4 / 5

A good little device. My daughter gets coach to school and I get a reassuring alert once she arrives. There is a bit of a delay in the tracker and the sos has never worked although thankfully this is not something that my daughter has needed to use. A handy little gadget as my daughter is 9 and I am putting off the use of mobile phones for as long as possible!

em40 358 days ago
5 / 5

The product is very reliable and functions like promissed. I use the product for 2 years and pritty happy with it. To my opinion the next generation could be smaller. It is kind of hard to put it into a kid's jacket and not to see the tracker from far away.

Gary Doyle 364 days ago
5 / 5

Great Tracker, makes us and the child feel safe. We can only recommend it for the first school years.

Mayada Omer 365 days ago
5 / 5

This device is amazing! Tracking is very accurate. Big helper to see when your kid is on its way to and from school, makes the pickup much simpler!

CP 369 days ago
5 / 5

I didn't want to buy my nine year old a phone but worried about him biking to school and back on his own. With the weenect I can track him on his route and know he's OK. I actually prefer it to a phone as he doesn't feel I'm chasing him for updates and I can actually see where he is, which I couldn't with a phone. My children also take it riding on their ponies so if they had a fall I would know where they were. It's a brilliant bit of kit.

Andrea London 372 days ago
5 / 5


Mark Smyth 372 days ago
5 / 5

Brilliant-does what it says on the Box. We think it is great and has proved itself already on a number of occasions.

Nathaniel Wilde 373 days ago
5 / 5

Really useful and reliable. Only criticism is that it is fairly easy for the children to incidentally activate the red button if it is in their pocket.

Bernardette Galea 375 days ago
4 / 5

Super happy with it. Very good and I don’t have to go out and wait long for my kid to arrive after school

Amendola Antonio 377 days ago
5 / 5

I've been using it for long now and although I never tried the emergency button (luckily) all other functionalities are super useful and easy to use. Well done

Luna Morena Lerch 379 days ago
4 / 5

I use this tracker since years now . Very happy ! Just want to encourage them to build also a kids watch / phone / tracker As I can’t find one with an accuracy as this one ! Thanks for years of helping to take care of our daughters!👍🏼👍🏼

Mustafa Kemal Mavi 385 days ago
5 / 5

Great product with best value. We have been using it for 3 years and happy with the device, application and support. It covers all countries.

Alastair MacLeod 386 days ago
5 / 5

Very accurate tracker as the device has a GPS track hardware itself. Many pocket & pouch devices do not have this and their tracking is by Mobile Telephony Radio masts only instead e.g. Android phones, which is fat less accurate.. The Weenect also used radio mast triangulation as back up. Safe Secure. Would highly recommend for looking aftet your little ones e.g. when they take their school bus & coach runs parents can track their children's progress in real time, home, while the children have the freedom to stop at the shop, get snacks etc. With Weenect, parents, can draw (uses circles) for which rheir children are believed to play in, in freedom, or use to path school bus / coaches. Very happy!

Pascal Blanc 387 days ago
5 / 5

Does exactly the job it's designed for, if your kids are too young for using a smartphone. Localisation is reliable and very precise when outdoor. Kids can call in case of emergency, you can ping the kids, it works everywhere (at least in Europe). I'm happy with it and recommend it (I've got 2).

MR ANDREW SHARPE 387 days ago
5 / 5

Great tool for adding peace of mind and fit knowing where kids are. Buttons let them send messages and there's an SOS button that allows them to call you.

Wendy 389 days ago
4 / 5

I purchased this tacker for my daughter who has autism and will often just walk off. It tracks really well and gives easy instructions on how to use. A great buy.


Protective pouch x2
Waterproof pouch
Power connector (C)