Weenect Insiders September 2022

Enter the world of Weenect each month and find content related to the Weenect community, the life of our company as well as expert testimonials and reports about the animal kingdom.



In this section you will find content prepared especially for your participation! On the agenda: the question of the month, the best photos of your pets, and even video testimonials from the community.

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Pictures of the month

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Question of the month

When do you plan to release a new tracker? What about 5G? - Olivier

Our brand new 5G tracker is currently being tested and will be released in October in the United States before being released in Europe by the beginning of 2023. We can't wait to give you all the details! To make your wait a little more bearable, we can now show you an exclusive small photo of it.

A chance for you to have your say!

Marine & Nala

This month we introduce you to Nala, Marine's adorable dog. Marine tells us how she was so happy with her cat's Weenect tracker that she also decided to equip Nala with a Weenect tracker to give her the freedom she deserves. Nala accompanies her to work where there are no fences, and her Weenect GPS allows her to be reassured at all times.

If you're a fan of our tracker and interested in providing a testimonial on video, please get in touch with us at family@weenect.com. We'll then share your feedback in a future edition of Weenect Insiders!

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Company life

This section reveals the daily life of Weenect and the life of our employees through reports on the fairs in which we participate, our team buildings, reports on the various departments of the company, employee interviews and any significant news about our products.

The teams’ pets

Monika & Luna

Meet the furballs of the team members. Indeed, at Weenect, it is not enough to declare ourselves experts in the animal world, we attach real importance to having employees who are themselves animal lovers. What could be better than a person who cares for our four-legged companions working in a company that markets GPS for cats and dogs.

In today's episode we introduce you to Monika (whom our long-time Insider readers will surely already know) and her cat Luna, an adorable British shorthair who loves to walk on her balcony and the surrounding rooftops.

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Team building

This summer, the Weenect team took advantage of the sunny days to plan team building activities and strengthen the ties between everyone us all. In Paris, as in Brussels, our teams recharged their batteries by enjoying the outdoors together. So here are some of the photos from our summer with the second quarter Paris conference followed by an aperitif, the annual Brussels barbecue, as well as our team lunches on the terrace. And what about you? How was your summer?



In this section, we take you to meet professionals in the animal world through field reports, or via interviews with experts such as veterinarians, animal educators and pet stores. We also share useful content with you, such as DIYs or guides on animal matters.

Expert interview

Vaccination and sterilisation presented by the I-CAD

In the previous season of Insiders, we introduced you to Pierre Buisson, veterinary doctor and President of I-CAD, alongside Céline Gomis, operational manager of I-CAD who spoke to us about animal identification .

We talk to them again, this time about the importance of sterilisation and vaccination of animals to ensure that they are in good health, as well as to avoid animal overpopulation.

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A brand-new bandana for the end of the holiday season

The holiday season is over, and, like school children who need new uniforms for their return to school, there's no reason why your pet shouldn't also have a brand-new style! So we bring you a very simple DIY animal bandana you can make from an old T-shirt. Now your little furry one is also ready for the start of the new academic year!

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