Weenect Insiders September 2021

The monthly meeting of the Weenect community.

September 2021

For this first edition, share the Weenect back-to-school experience as if you were there yourself!

Each month, enter the world of Weenect to discover the latest features of your tracker, the life of our company, testimonials from clients and employees, expert advice and many more surprises.

Visual Identity

A brand new graphic charter

First of all, discover Weenect's brand new graphic charter, completely redesigned for the new school year! We took advantage of the summer to revamp our graphic charter to bring it up to date.

On the menu: a brand new logo, new colours, new typography and lots of new visuals to modernise our brand even more.

Our locations

French and Belgian offices

Come and visit our offices thanks to this video that will virtually take you into our working spaces.

Weenect has two different offices: one in Paris and one in Brussels. We work in the heart of Europe on maintaining the link between owners and animals.

Good to know: in Brussels you can find the marketing, sales and customer service teams. The technical and operational teams (logistics and production), as well as the rest of the customer service team are located in Paris.

Professional events

Weenect and the various trade shows

After many months without any trade shows, we were finally able to meet with European pet shops and veterinarians again. What a pleasure to be able to present our products to them again!

And for this new season, the sales team went to no less than 5 trade shows, in 4 different countries! Yes, the Weenect team is multilingual.

Our product

A new tracker

In September, we also adapted our cat and dog trackers to our new colours. Our orange is therefore in the spotlight on this updated packaging.

We went to film the photo shoot to give you a peek behind the curtains!


Guides to help you

Weenect is also very passionate about educational content for pet owners and their pets. This is why we've put together a series of articles based on fundamental research and our own experiences in the pet world.

You can find all our tips on our website.


Mathilde - Product Owner

We continue this first episode of the Weenect Insiders with an interview of Mathilde, our Product Owner in the tech-team.

She is dedicated to improve your application so that your Weenect experience never stops growing. Discover her little work anecdotes and the moments between colleagues that she cherishes particularly.


Laura - Customer Service

Next, meet Laura, a member of our customer service team.

She spends most of her time helping the community by answering your questions. In this interview, she explains her daily life and her favourite things about her job.

Our mascot

An adorable furry ball

Finally, we conclude this Weenect Insiders with the presentation of our adorable little mascot: Shikara. We introduced you to her mother Laura in the previous interview!

Shikara was adopted as a baby by Laura who couldn't leave him alone at home during the week because he was still too small. So we agreed that Laura could bring him to work. Shikara has quickly become our favourite little mascot and we are sure that he will melt your heart as much as ours!

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