Weenect Insiders #3

The monthly meeting of the Weenect community.

November 2021

In this third edition, get ready for the Christmas and New Year festivities with us and find out all our latest news and updates.

This month, dive into the world of Weenect and discover the latest features of our tracker, find out what daily life is like at our company, read and hear accounts from employees and customers, get expert tips and advice, and plenty of other surprises in addition.

Hall of fame

Photos of the month

Since Weenect first began, we've been receiving photos of your pets with their trackers on a daily basis. We've therefore decided to showcase them each month by sharing our favourite photos with you. There will be pictures to suit every taste… promised!

This month, we have Kiko & Ollie, Alice, Pippilotta and Pïa for you to meet.

Chapter 1

This month's activities

In this first part of Weenect Insiders, discover the various different activities we've come up with this month to keep you entertained and informed. On the menu this month: a Christmas DIY special and an episode about adopting from animal refuges.


A toy and a Christmas costume for your pet

We are kicking off this edition of Insiders on a cute seasonal note: two little DIY projects for your favourite ball of fur. Learn how to create an adorable Santa Claus hat and a toy to slip in their Christmas stocking. Both are simple to make and can easily be constructed from things you have at home. NB these two make-it-yourself items are both perfectly suitable for dogs.

Gift ideas

What can you buy your pet for Christmas?

With the Christmas festivities fast approaching, what better way to get ready than by preparing gifts to put under the tree for your little furry friends? Weenect has put together a selection of the best things you can get to give your pet for Christmas, or to any friends or family who own pets.

In this video, filmed in collaboration with the Tom&Co chain of pet stores, you'll find a selection of gifts chosen by experts from the world of pets!

Weenect in the community

Adopting from a shelter

As experts in pets, we've decided to collaborate with different organisations from the sector to give you an inside look at everything they do. As with last month, we've been back again to the Sans Collier ASBL refuge in Charleroi, Belgium to find out about the adoption process.

To begin with, follow Monika, our budding presenter, as she finds out how adoptions are carried out on a daily basis at the refuge. As part of this experience, Monika got the opportunity to take part in the open visits organised each day by ASBL. We got to see volunteers advising potential adopters, and we even had the chance to see a dog actually being adopted and leaving for its new home! If you are thinking of adopting yourself, please consider choosing from a refuge, as they have all kinds of adorable balls of fur just waiting for an owner like you.


Adopting from a shelter

After watching Monika as she follows the adoption process, hear what the directo of ASBL Sébastien De jonge has to say as he explains the ins and out of the procedures ASBL has put in place to ensure the wellbeing of the animals throughout their lives.

Chapter 2

Weenect news and updates

In this third section of Weenect Insiders you'll find details of all the latest news and updates about both our products and our company. Included this month: discover what Amandine, one of our dedicated users, thinks about our tracker and follow us as we take part in the various professional trade shows we attend.

Customer testimonials

Let's have a word with you!

Last month, we gave you a chance to find out what some of the influencers who've worked with us think. But what about your thoughts and opinions? We asked Amandine, one of our customers, to make a feedback video about her tracker and the everyday use she makes of it.

If you are interested in providing a video testimonial yourself, please get in touch with us at family@weenect.com. We'll share the feedback you provide in a future edition of Weenect Insiders.

Professional events

Weenect and trade shows

Just this once, we're giving you the chance to accompany us as we attend various different trade shows. Follow our multilingual team as they take part in various different trade fairs!

In just November alone, the sales team has been to no less than five different trade exhibitions.

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