Weenect Insiders #8

The monthly meeting of the Weenect community.

May 2022

For this eighth edition, in this especially significant month for the world of work, let's pay tribute to the colleagues who encourage us to give the very best of ourselves.

Dive into the world of Weenect each month and discover our tracker's latest features, find out what daily life is like at our company, read and hear accounts from employees and customers, get expert tips and advice, and plenty more surprises besides.

Hall of fame

Photos of the month

Since Weenect first began, we've been receiving photos of your pets with their trackers on a daily basis. We've therefore decided to showcase them each month by sharing our favourite photos with you. We'll have pictures to suit all tastes… that’s a promise!

This month, meet Scooby & Dru, Mina, Molly and Bernado.

Chapter 1

This month's activities

In this first part of Weenect Insiders, you'll find details of the various monthly activities we've come up with to keep you informed and entertained. On the menu for this month: take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the filming of our next Weenect ad, and hear from Stéphane Rolland again, who we first met in the last edition and who's here today to tell us about the partnership between Weenect and Animalis.



As experts in the world of animals, we've decided to get together with various organisations in the sector to give you an inside look at everything they do.

In April, you discovered the world of Animalis, a French company specialising in pets and animals.

Stéphane Rolland, purchasing director at Animalis, explains what led them to decide they wanted smart GPS devices and tells us about the company's relationship with Weenect.

Behind the scenes

Filming a Weenect commercial

Have you ever wondered how advertisements involving animals are made? You need a healthy dose of patience and… biscuits and treats!

Weenect is taking you for a behind-the-scenes look at the filming process, which you'll be able to see soon on all our platforms.

Thanks to the stars of the day, Oslo and Originale, who had the patience to listen to us during these two days, as well as to Valérie Récher from Alule who entrusted us with two of her most talented actors.

A big thanks to the team of the audiovisual production agency Pinkanova and to the team of the agency Odyssée Communication for the artistic direction. Without you, all this would not have been possible.

See you soon for new adventures!

Chapter 2

Weenect news and updates

In this third section of Weenect Insiders, you'll find details of all the latest news and updates about both our products and our company. Featured this month: a guide to choosing the cat of your dreams, a recap of our challenge page, and the testimony of Jonas & Freyja, whose overflowing energy is contagious!

Customer testimonials

Jonas and Freyja

Summer is on its way, and we need to find different ways of allowing our energy-filled companions as much freedom as possible while at the same time keeping them always safe. Meet Jonas and Freyja, who've agreed to share their impressions of the Weenect Dogs GPS with us. Find out what they think and hear the stories they have to tell in this video.

If you're a fan of our tracker and would like to provide a testimonial on video, please get in touch with us at family@weenect.com. We'll then share your feedback in a future edition of Weenect Insiders!


Our Weenect Challenges page

Discover our Weenect Challenges page, where we regularly organise fun and exciting challenges for our community to take part in. We ask you to send us the funniest photos of your pets based around a particular relevant theme. In return, you get the chance to win amazing prizes. Check out our favourite photos and enter next time for the chance to be featured yourself!


Deciding which breed of cat to choose

This video offers several tips about finding the right companion for your particular lifestyle. There are several things to consider when choosing a cat, such as your home environment, any other animals you own, your children, how much you want to spend, etc. Get the tips and advice you need to help you choose the breed of your little ball of fur!

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