Weenect Insiders #9

The monthly meeting of the Weenect community.

June 2022

For this sun-kissed ninth edition, let's get ready for a holiday with our dear furballs.

Dive into the world of Weenect each month and discover our tracker's latest features, find out what daily life is like at our company, read and hear accounts from employees and customers, get expert tips and advice, and plenty more surprises besides.

Hall of fame

Photos of the month

Since Weenect first began, we've been receiving photos of your pets with their trackers on a daily basis. We've therefore decided to showcase them each month by sharing our favourite photos with you. We'll have pictures to suit all tastes… that’s a promise!

This month, it's the turn of Siggy, Jerry, Scylla and Newton.

Chapter 1

This month's activities

In this first section of Weenect Insiders, you'll find details of the various monthly activities we've put together to entertain and inform you. On this month's menu: Stéphane Rolland from Animalis presents us with the summer shopping essentials, and Grégory Argentieri raises awareness of animal abandonment during the holiday period by presenting their solution: the Animaute platform. Don't forget to turn on the subtitles!



Being experts in all things pets, we've decided to collaborate with different organisations from the sector to give you an inside look at everything they do.

To close this Animalis section, let's take a look at a slightly lighter subject with Stéphane Rolland, Purchasing Director at Animalis. What are his summer essentials and how does he see the future of pet shops?

Don't forget to turn on the subtitles!

Weenect in the community


Grégory Argentieri introduces us to Animaute, a French pet-sitting platform, which is dedicated to raising awareness of the abandonment of animals during the summer holidays, by offering an alternative to owners who are unaware of the commitment that a pet requires. Animaute puts pet-sitters in contact with owners who need to have their pets cared for, while benefiting from the monitoring and security of the company. For Weenect, partnering with Animaute was obvious because we share the same value: protecting our furry companions every day so that they can develop fully.

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Chapter 2

Weenect news and updates

In this third section of Weenect Insiders, you'll find details of all the latest news and updates about both our products and our company. In this month's programme: the Interzoo show taken by storm by our over-motivated team, a guide recalling the importance of microchipping our furry friends and the testimony of Cécile, with the charming Kitoutou! Don't forget to turn on the subtitles!

The exhibitions


This event from 24 to 27 May 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany, brought together professionals from the animal world for a show of more than 13,000 exhibitors, including Weenect! This show was an opportunity for us to preview our brand new 4G tracker which will be released in September 2022 in the United States. Share this highlight with our team through this video.

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Customer testimonials

Cecile & Kitoutou

The sadness of losing a loved one is a feeling that no one wants to experience. Cécile and her family had to mourn one of their kittens who disappeared all of a sudden. They therefore decided on greater security for Kitoutou, the brother of the missing kitten, so that this tragic event would never happen again.

If you're a fan of our tracker and interested in providing a testimonial on video, please get in touch with us at family@weenect.com. We'll then share your feedback in a future edition of Weenect Insiders!

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Microchipping is a must for any dog or cat owner in France in order for their pet to be identified. But what exactly does it consist of? Electronic identification is a mandatory act that protects your cat or dog in case they get lost. But of course, it is only natural to consider the subject before microchipping the animal. Discover the many reasons why you should microchip your pet with this video.

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