Weenect February 2022

The monthly meeting of the Weenect community.

February 2022

Allow Cupid to work his magic for this fifth, love-themed edition!

Dive into the world of Weenect each month and discover our tracker's latest features, find out what daily life is like at our company, read and hear accounts from employees and customers, get expert tips and advice, as well as many more surprises.

Hall of fame

Photos of the month

Since Weenect first began, we've been receiving photos of your pets with their trackers on a daily basis. We've therefore decided to showcase them each month by sharing our favourite photos with you. We'll have pictures to suit all tastes… and that's a promise!

This month, meet Jeff, Molly, Jimbaran and Kiwi & Coco

Chapter 1

This month's activities

In this first part of Weenect Insiders, you'll find the monthly activities we've come up with to inform and entertain you. On the menu this month: a delightful heart-shaped DIY cat toy to make yourself and an episode about the costs and finances of running an animal shelter.


A heart for that special cat in your life

This February, we're encouraging you to spread love and happiness all around you, and where better to start than with that special little ball of fur in your life!

Make a cute heart-shaped toy for your cat with this super simple DIY project. You can also adapt it for a dog by making it with thicker string and cardboard.

Weenect in the community

The costs and finances of running an animal shelter

As experts in the world of animals, we've decided to work together with various organisations in the sector to give you an inside look at everything they do. Let's continue our series on the Sans Collier ASBL animal shelter in Charleroi, Belgium with a look at the costs that running a centre of this kind can involve.

Our budding presenter Monika got the opportunity to see the work the volunteers and shelter workers do each day at first hand. ASBL director Sébastien De Jonge tells us about the various costs involved in running a centre of this size, and how every donation can help save the life of an animal. If this is a cause close to your heart, but you're not in a position to adopt an animal yourself, why not consider a donation instead? It could help save not just one but several animals.

Chapter 2

Weenect news and updates

In this third section of Weenect Insiders you'll find details of all the latest news and updates about both our products and our company. On the agenda this month: an interview with Victor, our business developer for Germany; another look at our Facebook group; and find out what satisfied Weenect users Boutsady & Milo have to say about the product!


Victor – business developer

In our previous editions of Insiders, we met Laura and Rachid, two of the cornerstones of our company. Today it's time to meet Victor, our business developer, whose role involves finding and developing new commercial partnerships. He's also the one you'll see at trade fairs and conventions in Germany. Find out all about the work he does and hear his Weenect anecdotes!

Customer testimonials

Boutsady & Milo

You've already heard what certain influencers have to say and discovered the testimonial of Weenect customer Amandine. This time we got the chance to meet Boutsady and Milo, who agreed to share their opinions about the Weenect Dogs GPS with us. Find out what they think and hear their anecdotes in this video.

If you're a fan of our tracker and willing to provide a testimonial on video, please get in touch with us at family@weenect.com. We'll then share your feedback in a future edition of Weenect Insiders.


Our Facebook group

Discover Pets that go a little too far!, a Facebook group featuring the funniest stories about when your cats and dogs went a little too far. The aim of this group to create a community made up of pet lovers who like to share stories, photos and useful information about pets and animals. You'll even have the opportunity to take part in our regular competitions for the chance to win prizes!

Got a cat that climbs everywhere, or a dog that's ready to try anything to get that piece of sausage you've left out on the table? Then be sure you join us so you can share it all with us.

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