Weenect April 2022

The monthly meeting of the Weenect community.

April 2022

In this seventh spring edition, discover our partners and make the most of spring with a delightful trip out with one of our GPS trackers.

Dive into the world of Weenect each month and discover our tracker's latest features, find out what daily life is like at our company, read and hear stories from employees and customers, get expert tips and advice, and lots more!

Hall of fame

Photos of the month

Since Weenect first began, we've been receiving photos of your pets with their trackers on a daily basis. We have therefore decided to showcase them each month by sharing our favourite photos with you. We'll have pictures to suit all tastes… that’s a promise!

This month we get to meet Mina, Rusty, Orion et Jet.

Chapter 1

This month's activities

In this first part of Weenect Insiders, you'll find details of the various monthly activities we have come up with to keep you informed and entertained. Featured this month: a chance to meet Stéphane, purchasing director for the well-known French pet shop chain Animalis.



As experts in the world of animals, we've decided to work with various organisations in the sector to give you an inside look at everything they do. Stéphane gives us an insight into the work he does as purchasing director for a company that you may well be familiar with: Animalis, a French company with very strong values. Step into the universe of this giant within the pet store world.

Chapter 2

Weenect news and updates

In this second section of Weenect Insiders, you'll find details of all our latest news and updates about our products and our company. Featured this month: an Interview with Letizia, our quality manager, and a chance to meet Cécile and her cat Lara, who appeared in an episode of the French TV programme “Les Animaux de la 8”.


Letizia – Quality Manager

Have you ever wondered how your GPS manages to be so functional and efficient? It's all thanks to the work of Letizia, who, amongst other things, ensures that quality standards are always met by carrying out various tests on our products. Discover what her work involves and the role she plays at Weenect.

What they're saying about us

Les animaux de la 8

We're delighted to be making an appearance on French TV show “Les Animaux de la 8” this month as part of a feature about Lara, a female Bengal cat who walks for miles and miles on a lead with her owner Cécile. Here is their story!

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