Why does my cat disappear ?

And here it goes again: your cat is nowhere to be found and it doesn’t look like it’s coming home anytime soon. Of course, you’re aware that cats are strongly attached to their independence and their territory. But even though it has already happened before, it still gets you worried… The question is why does your little feline like to disappear?

Cats are territorial animals

If your cat has access to an outside area, it’s likely that it has already established its territory: a geographic zone that can be dozens of kilometers wide! In reality, it’s not just one zone, but several delimited areas: one for hunting, one to “do its business”, one to rest… Of course, this territory includes your backyard, if you own one, but it extends way further…

Cat are very attached to their territory, for which they define clear boundaries. Your cat may be very fond of you, but you should know that protecting its territory comes as a priority. You probably have the impression that it doesn’t spend that much time outdoors, but these little outside escapades are precious and beneficial, especially on a psychological point of view. Yes, your pet has its own life outside of your house, get over it!

Possible causes for running away

If your cat has not been sterilized

Cats in heat can sometimes disappear for more than 2 weeks! Males and females search for the presence of other cats to mate, male cats get into fights… It is a strong socialization phase that appeal to your cat’s deepest feline instincts.
Non neutered cats’ behaviour is similar to felines in their natural state: they are more prone to go hunting or pick fights with other cats. They may want to go after an intriguing olfactive trail and walk great distances without even thinking about it, especially in the countryside. They can end up trapped in another cat’s territory and be forced to walk around it to avoid a fight: it takes time!

If your cat is neutered

Neutered cats do keep their territorial instincts, however, the territory will be smaller, especially in urban areas! Less inclined to hunt or start a fight, neutered cats are still curious and this curiosity is sometimes risky: they could get trapped inside another house in the neighborhood, stampede to get away from a scary noise and get lost, or want to explore when their master is away…

How to react if your cat disappears

A cat with a chip is safer! It’ll be always easier to find when you notice that it’s been gone for too long and you start looking for it.

Call your cat by its name, shake its bowl or its favorite toy… These strategies can help you draw your cat’s attention. Keep in mind that cats have a very strong sense of hearing, they can perceive the faintest sounds, from very far!

In a city, putting up posters is efficient, but you can also go to your neighbors’, nearby stores, as well as underground parking lots: they are real traps for cats! Cats are intrigued, walk down inside the parking garage, and end up scared by cars coming and going, noises, a locked door… So beware!

In any case, you shouldn’t start worrying unless your cat has been gone for at least 4-5 days (or course, according to your cat’s regular habits, and your environment). You’ll be surprised how your cat usually come back on its own just like nothing happened…

If you still want peace of mind without having to lock your cat in the house, we’ve got a solution for you: The Weenect Cats GPS tracker! It allows you to follow your cat’s every move on your smartphone and locate it if it disappears… You often see your cat comfortably sat next to the fireplace, when it is in fact an adventurer who runs dozens of kilometers, for several days, far from your house!