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Freedom of movement in total safety

Weenect Silver, GPS tracker for elders

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Your loved ones will be safe both indoors and outdoors.

With Weenect Silver, monitor your loved ones remotely. They can alert you with their SOS tracker button; you are notified of their GPS location and you can call them. There is no limit in distance and no installation is required.

SOS feature of the tracker for elder Weenect Silver

You will receive an alert in the case of an emergency

The senior can contact all their close contacts (family, friends, neighbours) thanks to the alarm button on their GPS tracker; the message gives their exact location. The first person notified by the alert is called by the tracker.

Augmented reality feature of the GPS locator for elder Weenect Silver

You will be able to find the person very quickly if they get lost outside.

If they get lost outside, especially if they suffer from Alzheimer's, you will be able to reach them very quickly and easily come to their assistance. You will be guided to them by their GPS locator, with the help of the Map, Compass and Radar (shown here).

Geofence feature of the GPS tracker for elder Weenect Silver

You can be prepared for emergencies

Every single contact is automatically alerted if the person leaves their geofence area, his/her residential area for example (there are an unlimited number of geofence areas). So if you notice abnormal activity, you can intervene very quickly.

90% of older people would prefer to stay in their own homes as long as possible

With Weenect Silver, your loved ones will be able to stay at home rather than being moved into a specialized centre. Furthermore, help is provided by the family rather than an impersonal call centre service.

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  • Real time timer

    You'll receive an updated GPS position every minute to enable tracking, whatever the distance.

  • Discreet search

    The GPS tracker is 6cm long, 4cm wide and weighs only 55g.

  • Long battery life battery_charging_full

    A full battery recharge takes 5 hours and lasts up to 7 days under intensive use.

  • Waterproof invert_colors

    The tracker can be carried around the neck in its protective waterproof pouch.

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How does it differ compared to a standard helpline?

Our GPS tracker is mobile, solidary and value for money. Your loved ones will be safe both inside and outside their home. You will avoid impersonal call centres. It will cost you five times less than a standard helpline. In addition, it is perfectly suited to elderly Alzheimer patients.

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