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Never lose your dogs !

Weenect Dogs 2, the GPS tracker
for hunting dogs

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Follow your dogs while on the beat

With Weenect Dogs 2 you can follow the movements of your dogs in real time during the hunt. The tracking collar is connected to your phone in real time and works without distant restrictions; ideal for dogs that do not like to stay on the lead. The GPS tracker sends its position every 10 seconds.

Weenect Dogs 2 electronic locator for hunting dogs with Geofence functionality

All the hunters can follow their dogs from their mobile phone

The mobile app is free; all the hunters during the chase can download it to follow the dogs equipped with a GPS collar from their phone. Many of you can help dogs if they are injured by game or are dangerously close to the road.

Increased live functionality in the Weenect Dogs 2 hunting dog tracker

Find all of your dogs instantly

At the end of the hunt, you are guided to your dogs thanks to their tracking collar. There are four types of location possible: Map, Satellite, Compass and Radar (opposite). And as many of you have the app, you avoid looking for your dogs alone while the others return to the cabin.

Increased live functionality in the Weenect Dogs 2 hunting dog tracker

Review the hunt using the history section

Returning to the hut or from the hunt, you can relive the movements from your different dogs who carried a GPS tracker during the fight. A chronological plot for each one of them allows you to know exactly where they have been and if they have remained well enlivened.

Garmin Weenect
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How is it different from Garmin products?

With Weenect, several people can follow a full pack of hounds from their individual phones. It is €500 cheaper than a Garmin product. Finally, it is the cheapest subscription in the market (from €3 50 a month); You will be able to avail of promotions for your hounds!

Free mobile app

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  • GPS Location room

    Follow your dogs during the hunt with a position update every 10 seconds.

  • No distance limit verified_user

    For the service to work no maximum distance is required between your mobile phone and the GPS tracker.

  • Unlimited users person_add

    As many hunters as you want can log into your account and track your dogs.

  • Unlimited dogs pets

    You can add as many dogs as you want to your account. A tracker for each dog is necessary.

  • Tracker Network network_cell

    GPS is multi-network system, if it does not pick one signal it passes on to another. 99% of the territory covered by a 2G coverage.

  • Your mobile phone's network phone_android

    Your mobile phone needs to be connected to a network to be able to use the app. In a large group, someone always has signal.

  • Water resistance invert_colors

    IP67 standard water resistance for immersion up to 1 metre. Hunting in all weather.

  • Battery life battery_charging_full

    Up to 3 days battery life with a battery of 550 mAh, enough for a few hunting days without the need to charge.