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Freedom, in total safety

Weenect Kids, GPS tracker for kids

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Always know where your child is.

With Weenect kids you will always be able to find your child with your phone from the free app. The GPS tracker transmits the child’s position in real time and across any distance.

SOS feature of the tracker for child Weenect Kids

He/she can call you if there is a problem

Your child can alert if there is a problem by pressing his/her alert button on his /her tracker. You will receive the SOS message directly to your phone. The child can then call you; his/her GPS locator works as a telephone.

Augmented reality feature of the GPS locator for child Weenect Kids

Locate your child quickly in a crowd

Forget feeling anxious about losing your child in a crowd. With Weenect you will find your child within seconds. There are three ways in which you can be guided to him/her: The Map, the Compass and the Radar (shown here).

Geofence feature of the tracking device for child Weenect Kids

Their first safe trips out on their own.

Does your kid have a tendency to wander out on the street alone? With Weenect you will be notified on your phone when your child arrives at, and leaves a designated geofence; school for example (there is an unlimited number of locations possible). Your child will learn safely how to become independent

Two out three parents regret buying a cell phone for their child

With Weenect Kids your child will be able to call you, but will not be able send messages to his/her friends. If your child does not answer, you need not worry, you will know his/her GPS location. All the advantages of a phone without the inconvenience.

Free mobile app

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  • GPS Tracker room

    You will always know where to find your child, no matter the distance.

  • Geofence In / Out verified_user

    You are notified when your child arrives at school or at home.

  • SOS Button error

    Your child can notify you in cases of emergency using the SOS button on his tracker.

  • Emergency telephone phone

    In case of any problems the GPS trackers can make phone calls; 10 minutes per month.

  • Journey History update

    Visualise your child's daily routes directly from your phone.

  • Battery battery_charging_full

    Up to 5 days of autonomy with daily use (1700 mAh).

  • Waterproof invert_colors

    The protection case for the GPS tracker is water resistant and shockproof.

  • Discreet favorite

    Discreet, the GPS measures 6cm in height and 4cm in width and weigh only 55g.

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