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Don’t lose your cat

Weenect Cats, the GPS tracker for cats

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Track your cat's movements directly on your phone

With Weenect cats you can live-track your cat wherever it goes, on a map, thanks to the free app. The GPS tracker covers any distance; your cat remains safely within its territory.

Ring feature of the GPS phone for cats Weenect Cats

If it goes hiding for too long, you can activate its GPS tracker

Whether hiding under the furniture or behind a bush, you will be easily able to flush it out thanks to the ring function on its GPS locator. A simple tap on your phone will activate the ring tone. With the vibration function you can train it to return on its own

Augmented reality feature of the GPS locator for cats Weenect Cats

If it takes too long to come back, use the GPS tracking

Save your voice! If your cat stays too long outside, you will be able to track it down very quickly, thanks to the live GPS tracking. Three types of geolocation to guide you to your pet: Map, Compass and Radar (shown here).

Geofence feature of the GPS tracker for dogs Weenect Pets

You will be alerted if it roams too far off.

Has your cat a tendency to venture far and wide? Define safe geofences (an unlimited number of areas); if it moves outside of these geofences you will receive an alert on your phone. You can also trace its journey through the history function on the app. Does it sometimes wander over to the neighbors?

1 out of 3 cats go missing at least once in their lifetime

Unfortunately, 26% of these are never found again. With its GPS tracker, you will always know where your cat is. Make you never lose your cat whilst ensuring its safety.

Free mobile app

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  • Real time timer

    Sends an updated position every 30 seconds in real time mode, whatever the distance.

  • Miniature search

    Ultra-light, weighing only 25g, it's also the world's smallest GPS tracker.

  • Long battery life battery_charging_full

    A full recharge only takes 3 hours and lasts 4 days in standby mode.

  • Water resistant invert_colors

    The water resistant silicone casing attaches the GPS chip firmly to the collar or harness.

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