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No more lost dogs

Weenect Pets, the GPS tracker for dogs

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Follow your dog from your phone

With Weenect Pets you'll always know where your dog is, thanks to its free mobile app. Its GPS locator transmits its live position (every 30 seconds) at any distance.

Geofence feature of the GPS tracker for dogs Weenect Pets

The dog cannot run off; you will be notified as soon as it tries.

If your dog tries to run off, you will receive an alert on your phone. You will know its exact GPS position to act quickly. There are an unlimited number of geofences that can be set.

Augmented reality feature of the GPS locator for dogs Weenect Pets

If your dog runs off, you will find it within seconds.

Does your dog run off when taking it for a walk? Locate your dog quickly with the GPS tracker. Your phone will direct you to your dog by the Map, Compass or the Radar (shown here).

Geofence feature of the GPS tracker for dogs Weenect Pets

Get information on your dog’s activity

Access statistics: maximum and average speeds, or indeed the distance covered; its GPS locator is also an activity tracker! Thanks to the trip history you will be able to re-trace your family walks.

1 out of every 3 dogs gets lost at least once during its lifetime

Almost 10% of them are never found again. With the GPS tracker you will be sure never to lose your dog; its location will always be at your finger tips

Free mobile app

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  • Real time timer

    Your dog's position is sent to you every 30 seconds in real time mode, whatever the distance.

  • Strong build

    Silicone casing gives it a good hold on the collar. The tracker can withstand a fall of over one meter.

  • Long battery life battery_charging_full

    The GPS chip takes only 3 hours to charge and lasts for up to 8 days (in standby mode).

  • Waterproof invert_colors

    The dog finder is totally waterproof (IP67 – depth of 1 meter), allowing swimming!

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