Weenect Cats 2

GPS cat tracker with :

  • GPS tracking / Without distance limit
  • Territory analysis / Activity monitoring
  • Training / Virtual fence
  • 72 hours battery life / Waterproof (IP67)
  • Silicone case / Tracking app

Functions with subscription, from € 3.75 per month.


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The world's smallest GPS for cats

Cat wearing Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker

With Weenect Cats 2 you can follow your cat's movements in real time, and without distance limit. Your pet may be miles away from you, but you will always find them. The included SIM card is multi-network, which allows it to operate even in the countryside. Note: the product will not be able to function if there is no cellular service available in your area.

The silicone case provided allows you to fix the GPS for cats on any size of collar or harness. So you can choose the option that best suits your pet. Note that while the small weight of the product is not a problem for a cat (whatever its size), it is however preferable that it is used to wearing the collar or the harness before fitting the tracker to it.

Cat wearing Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker
GPS tracking feature of Weenect Cats 2

Live tracking

You will never lose your cat and can easily find them with real-time tracking (up to one position every 10 seconds).

Training feature of Weenect Cats 2


Make the tracker ring or vibrate at each meal time so that your cat associates the two events. It will then return on its own when you trigger this feature.

Territory analysis feature of Weenect Cats 2

Territory analysis

Find out where your pet spends most time and the boundaries of its territory. The secret life of your cat will soon be revealed to you.

Safeguard your cat in just 3 steps


1. Buy your tracker

Available on our site or in the shops. We guarantee you the same price everywhere.


2. Select your subscription

When registering the tracker on our site (after having received it).


3. Download the app

Available on the Appstore (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The tracker is ready for use.

Technical description

Weenect Cats 2 and its mobile application


Apple iOS 10.3 or higher
Android 4.1 or higher
Web app on all browsers


550mA/H ; up to 3 days battery life

Size and weight

58x23x10mm ; 25g


SIM card included in the product
GPRS 900/1800 MHz
See the list of countries covered

Contents of the box

1 Weenect Cats 2 GPS for cats, 1 silicone case, 1 USB cable, 1 charging base and 1 quick start guide.

What our customers say about Weenect Cats 2

Great 4.4/5 based on 1634 reviews
LL Stevens 5 days ago
5 / 5

I love haveing the peace of mind when the cats are outside. Knowing that they are in the vicinity and that they can be found if they get lost is amazing. I am looking forward to a smaller version... worth every cent of what it might cost!

Jenna Macey-Brown 10 days ago
5 / 5

Although it looks big, my small Bengal accepts this fine. It came fully charged and very easy to set up! It was all done in under 5 minutes. I have trained my cat in a week to come back to the ring signal. So overall I’m extremely pleased!

Toni 19 days ago
5 / 5

Accurate, good ui, easy to use (except turning on and off part).

Louise Whitehead 29 days ago
4 / 5

This is a good product with a good app. Major downside is the battery only last about 12 hrs. We live in a rural location so the signal drops in and out. We use a second RF tracker as a back up and together we have the perfect solution. Our cat is diabetic and has injections twice a day so we have to have the reliability element. If Your cat doesn’t go out for long periods and you have good cellular coverage this device would be perfect.

Abigail Giles 34 days ago
5 / 5

I bought two cat trackers to help with getting my cats outside. They have been invaluable. They are so reassuring when you want to check if they are in a safe place. I used the tracker when one of my cats got lost and we were able to locate her and bring her home. I have owned cats for over 40 years and these trackers have revolutionised cat ownership for me. Well done Weenect.

Sophie Tisseyre 36 days ago
5 / 5

Simple efficace et un sav top

Claude saelmaekers 51 days ago
4 / 5

OK Except the instructions manual not clear. Any time I charge the device I am not sure it is not disconnected from internet.nos sur how I can switch off the device during the nightwhen cat is indoor

Farah Ariffin 51 days ago
5 / 5

I would highly recommend this tracker to anyone

Lynne Fuller 52 days ago
5 / 5

It’s very reassuring to know where he is. He disappeared for over a week 2 years ago. So we got the tracker. So even if he doesn’t come in , we have an idea where to look.

Adrian C. 52 days ago
5 / 5

I find it as a very useful tracker. I even used it in my car rented to someone else, and i still need to test it inside my bycicle. However, it stay at the neck of my cat most of the time.

Arlette Baldacchino 52 days ago
4 / 5

I have a Bengal cat and this has been truly helpful in knowing not only where she is at any given time, but to keep track of her usual hangouts too. Size and weight are just right for a medium to large cat. I gave 4 stars not 5 because battery life could be longer, and because GPS is not always reliable and I hate it when it goes offline giving me her location 2 hours ago. Overall would recommend.

Colin Malcolm 52 days ago
5 / 5

Superb product. Simple to use, easy to find when the cat's collar comes off, stays charged for days - basically a great idea extremely well implemented.

Justine Pied 52 days ago
5 / 5

Super efficace , je me sens beaucoup plus rassurée

Customer 52 days ago
4 / 5

Very good product. Wouldn’t be without it. Customer service is good but can take a few days for a reply.

Jean Jacques SECHAUD 52 days ago
5 / 5

Un seul reproche, le support pour attacher à un collier est un peu fragile

Olivier Bezille 52 days ago
4 / 5

Super pour mes chats !!! mais attention à l’abonnement Sans engagement avec engagement de 3 mois Bon service client

Emilie Bakke Aamodt 52 days ago
4 / 5

Weenect cats2 is a great product overall. The gps may not always show the correct location but it’s not far off

Maggy Francillette 59 days ago
4 / 5

Very useful device, well accepted by the cat. The ability to ring the device and/or to talk to your.animal is also appreciated. The only drawback, the life of the battery,which needs to be recharged too often. If your animal disappears, you only have 36h of communications and then it's off. That's too short.

Carine 'sHeeren 62 days ago
4 / 5

Product gives me peace of mind and is very accurate

Jennifer O'Shaughnessy-Beal 74 days ago
4 / 5

Of the 3 cat trackers we've used, this is the best! Weenect 2 has everything you need. The only minus is 1) the battery isn't detachable so you need to remove the whole unit to recharge, this leaving the cat without a tracker for a couple of hours whilst it charges. It would be great if they had detachable batteries which came 2 per tracker, allowing 24/7, 365 days a year tracking. Other than that, it's brilliant!

Estelle Couvelard 82 days ago
4 / 5

Bon produit, dommage que par moments on perds la connexion

Christine Brookes 87 days ago
5 / 5

Great, accurate, up to date tracking, very easy to use, would recommend :)

michel van den eeckhaut 93 days ago
5 / 5

It works like a dream. It s easy to start and works great

Geert Focking 95 days ago
4 / 5

Solid quality product. We only experience GSM coverage issues in our area. Worth checking upfront.

Etta Brenk-Ermini 97 days ago
5 / 5

I haven't yet fully trialled the new tracker but I was already really impressed by cats1 and the accuracy of location. I loved the augmented reality but unfortunately cannot find this feature on the new one. This would be a big step back from the old one but I'm pretty sure the function exists somewhere. Could you make it more obvious for users? Otherwise a top device!

nadine Pradelles 102 days ago
5 / 5

Application très bien

Richard Vis 105 days ago
4 / 5

Perfect tracker. Great software. The size is a little bit big for a small cat

kim hayward 114 days ago
5 / 5

Great product which has given us peace of mind re where Dave ( our cat) is . Good and fast replies to any queries from the team

Lisa Bailey 120 days ago
5 / 5

Excellent customer service. Great product.

Caroline Macpherson 121 days ago
5 / 5

Its excellent product, and really fun finding out where my cat Oreo has been.

John Strand 162 days ago
4 / 5

Give a whole new view of your cat’s outdoor life, and a very helpful tool knowing where your cat is at every given time. Battery life is an issue, but not as big AS I feared.

Kim Sear 163 days ago
4 / 5

Dougie happily accepted wearing this tracker, he can carry on as normal whilst still being comfortable and it has proven to have a decent accuracy level. The battery life is good and it is easy to use.

Claire 163 days ago
5 / 5

Not only does the tracker give peace of mind it is fun too seeing where you cat goes. Still trying to train my with the ring for treats.

Rigmor Anita Kvilhaug 171 days ago
5 / 5

I had the Weenct Cat for a week now, and it works very well. I had another type before, but this is by far much better. My cat is not disturbed by it, and it seems to give accurate data. The tracking history and geo fence is my favourite feature. From what I can find by my experience and research, this is the best product available in this product segment. Highly recommend!

Hanif Omar 176 days ago
5 / 5

Excellent tracker.. Very good history on where my cats been... Good GPS even though I live in a built up area.. I ordered one to test it out..now I'm pleased with it I've ordered another for my other cat.. Thanks weenect..

Åge Dahl 181 days ago
4 / 5

Wery nice product. Good to allways know where the cat is. Battery goes out to fast

Louise Billington 194 days ago
5 / 5

This tracker gives me comfort that I know where my cat is when he's out of sight. So far, I have not needed to use it to find him so that test is yet to come. He does not mind wearing it.

Damien Hamdani 208 days ago
4 / 5

Very good tool to know where your pet is at any time... Happened to me, just couple of times, to loose the GPS signal: but I guess it depends by the fact that the area where I live is not well cover!

laura 260 days ago
5 / 5

Plus qu'un simple GPS

Mme Tenneroni 277 days ago
5 / 5

Très très bon

Véronique Fourrier 281 days ago
5 / 5

Simple et efficace....excellent produit !!!

Emeline Nectoux 378 days ago
5 / 5

C est super😺

Martine Galland 459 days ago
5 / 5


M Jérôme B 464 days ago
5 / 5

100 % ok nickel

Peter Verstappen 469 days ago
5 / 5

The tracker is very useful for cats that tend to roam, or if you live in an apartment and want to know if your cat is close to home so you can pick it up and feed it. It's accurate, providing a location within 5 or 10 meters, enough to call your cat. With a battery life of a few days when updating every six hour, you don't have to worry about it running out of power if you don't charge it for a day or two. This is the quality tracker I was looking for, and including the insurance I don't have to worry if my cat loses the tracker (which rarely happens, and you can track it down anyways with the beep function) I can contact Weenect and they send me a new one. Good customer service. All in all, 10 out of 10.

Pascale 488 days ago
5 / 5

Works pretty well, the idea was to know our cats whereabouts so we can keep an eye on where they are going. The only slight negative point is the battery that doesn't really last more than 48 hours if you are lucky and having to remove the gps from the cat to charge it. Otherwise I am globally satisfied as I have now 5 trackers 😜

christine Hoogenstein 945 days ago
5 / 5

Easy instructions en good friendly to the point service communication after.

Ralf Klaassen 1175 days ago
5 / 5

A verry good tracker! We used it for some time now and are pleased with it. Works well!!

Ian Perry 17 days ago
4 / 5

Very good product generally. Could be a bit smaller & lighter for comfort. Charging is my only complaint though ... only USB is a nuisance, why not a mains charger? Other than that, great peace-of-mind!

Morag Campbell 19 days ago
4 / 5

I really liked the app and ability to follow/find my cat. I am concerned about the weight and size of the device.

Stephen 26 days ago
5 / 5

Fantastic product. Found my lost cat miles away from home using this device. It is accurate up to about half a meter, so was able to locate him very easily. Love the fact that it can communicate directly with the cat also!

JULIE DOWN 40 days ago
5 / 5

Easy to use and charge, helping me to keep tabs on my wandering kitty!

Mrs Amanda 47 days ago
4 / 5

Good little gadget but not 100% accurate

Alba b 49 days ago
4 / 5

good product

Ellizabeth Smith 50 days ago
4 / 5

On the whole this is a good product. It is not 100% accurate but it is usually close enough. My cat has lost her collar a few times (because it snaps open under pressure) and I have always been able to find the collar using the "ring" feature, which is really useful. Sometimes there are blips during the day, but most of the time it gives you a good idea where your cat is and has been. My cat is small and has no problems carrying the device about on her collar. In short, it's not perfect but it definitely increases your knowledge of what your cat is getting up to when he or she leaves your house.

john donlon 51 days ago
4 / 5

95% of the time the tracker is very accurate - occasionally it will be about 200-300 metres out; this generally resolves after 10-30 minutes. It is very useful in tracking our cat and helps us find him every day. If it wasn't sometimes inaccurate I would have given it 5 stars - but overall very valuable to us indeed.

Shaun Kemp 51 days ago
4 / 5

Excellent but would love it to be smaller and for battery life to be longer

Mike Shilton 51 days ago
5 / 5

Great product and always great customer service, thank you.

Simon Batchelor 51 days ago
5 / 5

It's interesting and useful. We get to know our cats secret places where he goes and where he is. We watch his wanderings most of the day and sometimes go to find him if we think something is wrong. He jumps up on a table in the morning asking for the tracker to be fitted before he goes out. I think he knows we use it some how to help him if he is in trouble.

Amanda Buckley 51 days ago
5 / 5


Julie Sanchez 51 days ago
5 / 5

Best cat tracker on the market.

Judith Davies 51 days ago
5 / 5

We had a cat who wandered for a very long distance, he broke his leg, had to have it amputated and is now walking out on a harness. He escaped from it last week and we didn’t have a tracker on him. It was worrying but I found him. The tracker is charging ready to go on to the harness. I don’t want that worry again

Brittain Bright 51 days ago
4 / 5

While it can be a bit glitchy, the Weenect cat is worth it for the peace of mind! I love the ringing feature, as I can locate my cat by listening.

Jonas Criff 51 days ago
5 / 5

Great tracker so that I can feel safe when my cat is outside

Abigail Taylor 51 days ago
5 / 5

The tracker has worked well for my cat. It stopped working at one point and was quickly replaced by Weenect. No issues apart from that. I am very pleased. It gives me peace of mind.

Rachel Watts 51 days ago
5 / 5

Really good product and service

Izabela Pitcher 51 days ago
5 / 5

Great product, easy to use

Charlotte Zachrisson 51 days ago
5 / 5

I think this tracker Works very well! We have had it for a couple of years. Weenect is very serviceminded and keen to help of any problems.

Knut Ekker 51 days ago
4 / 5

It is a good product but we have not been able to use it much due to a poor GSM phone signal locally here ...

M. Florin Rotaru 51 days ago
5 / 5

Good product. The precision could be improved.

Penny 52 days ago
5 / 5

Very accurate. Good tracker. Only downside is if you need to contact them the answer is always in French.

Kim Long 52 days ago
4 / 5

Very helpful to know roughly where our cats were. Gave some peace of mind. Have now had cat containment fence erected so no longer use weenect

carolemartin 52 days ago
5 / 5

Its a reassuring way to find your cat

happywanderer17 52 days ago
4 / 5

Peace of mind knowing where my cat is. We lost him for 10 days last year (hence the tracker) only suggestion would be to make it smaller and lighter! It is very accurate.

Roger 52 days ago
5 / 5

Product is great. Cat is happy with the tracker and it is very reliable on both iPad and iPhone. The history is also a great tool to see what the territory is.

Spider Stacy 52 days ago
5 / 5

this is a brilliant device for finding out what your cat gets up to. we discovered ours had a whole life of her own going on! also weenect were great about replacing it when she lost it.

Risa 52 days ago
5 / 5

I am really satisfied with this tracker. Our cat wondered off twice and that's why we decided to get her one. We use it every day , but unfortunately we have to charge it every day as the signal where we are is not very strong. The battery does last between 15 and 20 hours though even with the bad signal, so it's not a problem to charge as she gets locked in at night. We have found that the accuracy is quite good, it only doesn't work well when the cat is inside the house or garage. Also says not connected when she falls asleep somewhere outside and she hasn't been moving in a while :D The ring and call feature is fantastic as she lost it in the forest a couple of times. If it wasn't for the ring feature we wouldn't have found it as the area is quite overgrown. We have lost 2 trackers in the same forest already because they didn't have this feature. Also the customer service is really good, they reply really quickly and are really friendly. Overall, I am really happy with it as it brings quite a lot of peace of mind.

Miss Josephine Byrne 52 days ago
5 / 5

Great tracker (if a little big) and did exactly what I needed it to do - which was to find out where my little wanderer disappeared to...The furry scallywag did successfully lose it twice. On the first occasion, Weenect were able to ping me the exact location of the tracker and I could retrieve it....but he did too good a job the second time around and lost it in some bushes with bramble and stinging nettles! On that occasion, thanks to the insurance, Weenect sent a replacement quickly and without a fuss. Would definitely recommend - not just the tracker but the great customer service on offer.

MadScientist 52 days ago
4 / 5

The battery life could be better and it could do with being smaller in size. My cat has lost hers, three times, but I managed to find it on every occasion. Twice in exactly the same place! So, happy with it in general.

Katre Koit 52 days ago
5 / 5

Excellent tracker, works equally well in the countryside and in town. No more worries where my Ninja is :) A great product and equally superb client service. Very happy with the purchase, highly recommended!

Talitha 52 days ago
4 / 5

I think the battery is not holding a charge as well as it did at the start, but it's a good product and I always know where my cat is. He's fairly well trained to come when I ring him.

Lene Solheim Jacobsen 52 days ago
5 / 5

Using it every day. The sound helps finding the cats or collar if they loose it!

Paul Brooks 52 days ago
5 / 5

I am really happy with my Weenect For Cats tracker. It gives me peace of mind to be able to locate my pet in real time.

Alan Steventon 52 days ago
5 / 5

I was very happy with Weenect I was able to see where my cat was at anytime.

KB 52 days ago
4 / 5

Excellent way of keeping track of where my cats disappear to during day. Get the odd little blip saying they’ve disappeared miles away out of geofence but usually corrects straight away.

Jason Mitchell 52 days ago
5 / 5

Works really well. Given us peace of mind that we always know where our cars are when they’re out and about. Wish the battery life was a bit better but given the small size you can’t expect it to last more than a couple days.

Mr H 52 days ago
5 / 5

It’s a very good product and we receive good service from the supplier. When we thought there was a problem we were advise by the supplier and it was obviously ‘user error’. Once shown the way we were delighted with the support.

Jonathan King 52 days ago
5 / 5

Very easy to use, and being able to see the history, we now know where our cat’s routes are and where it actually is located. Lightweight and compact, the battery doesn’t last as long now it’s two years old, but it’s easy to recharge.

Warren 52 days ago
5 / 5

This tracker literally saved my cat's life. We live on a boat, and although she is experienced with boats and water, one time she fell in to the water in a place she couldn't get out. After awhile I went looking for her, and thanks to the weenect, I found her in time.

Deborah Cox 52 days ago
5 / 5

I am happy with this tracker, although when we first had it, it would last for up to 3 days, now we are lucky if it lasts 1 day. This is not a problem if our cat comes home. But if he goes out for a few days, the tracker stops working because the battery goes flat. We have done all we have been told to do, and customer services are so helpful. But a tracker that lasts a day is a pain. That it is only on 2G is not very helpful. We have two of these so we can change them over daily but we may cut our loses and get a different tracker for him that has a better battery life.

Vivian Carvalho 52 days ago
4 / 5

I used very little and to be honest can't give a proper feedback. My cat does not go outside. Looks like she feels afraid so I removed the collar after using for a bit more than 3 months. It kept me calm whilst getting to know her behavior since I adopted her with 6y.o.

Hans Fredrik Berg 52 days ago
5 / 5

It works very well, but it is too big. We are using it daily.

Vee Slack 52 days ago
5 / 5

Gives real piece of mind

Martin Roberts 52 days ago
4 / 5

It’s great but occasionally it glitches and says my cat is suddenly several miles from it’s actually location

Jaya 52 days ago
4 / 5

It works as described and quite useful. However, the device is bulky and can get caught in things leading to collar falling off. Would recommend, but best used in older (>1yr) or larger cats.

PP 52 days ago
5 / 5

no lost cat!

Eirin 73 days ago
5 / 5

It is the smallest and lightest of the trackers. It has an app with many helpful features, including being able to call the tracker, see your own position in relation to your cat and see the map as satellite photo. It has made it much easier to visit my family without having to be in constant panic of my cat getting. And it is so nice to be able to use it when I walk her in new places, when she goes out in a new place alone for the first times, and every now and then where we live to check where she actually goes. She has the tracker on in all the photos, though it may not be too easy to see as it is small and her fur is long. She is ca 4,5 kg - not a big cat.

Emma Marman 74 days ago
5 / 5

Absolutely 💯.....


Silicone case x2
Charging base
Power connector (C)