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Discover the last mission of those (very) special parents.

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Weenect kids, the GPS tracker for kids

Using Weenect Kids, you can track your child's movements on a real time map via the smartphone app (iOS and Android). The kid tracker has a 7-day battery life, so that it can last all week without having to recharge it.

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Did you spot Milo?

The Finder family

Marco, the hopeless romantic

Hey, check this out! I'm the star today!

I'm Marco, the baby of the family. But I won't always be the baby! Mom tells me that I'll be able to do what the big kids do really soon. But when is really soon?? While I'm waiting, I already go to school on my own, always with my little blue Weenect Kids GPS in my pocket.

In case of an emergency, I can contact my mom and dad super easily. But only in case of an emergency! Yeah, yeah, I got it this time, I promise!

I'm Mrs. Finder. But you can call me Michelle.

Describe myself in a few words? OK, but I have to make it quick! In the Finder family there's mom, dad, our two kids, my adorable Marco and my sweet Mona Lisa, a dog, a cat, and Papa Santa is never far away. This makes for a lot of people to keep track of every day! And along with zumba classes, tai-chi and scrapbooking, I just don't have any time to waste!

Luckily, I have a few secret weapons. Want to know one of them? A small, portable GPS for my family members.

I'm Mr. Finder, in person. But between us, my name is Fabian.

What does it mean to be Superdad? Well, for example, I'm in charge of the kids’ snack-time. And in case they've forgotten, you can be sure that I've got everything covered, because snack-time is sacred. In these situations, I show my true nature - a man always ready to swoop down to rescue his family with my smartphone at the ready and my Weenact app activated. And I'm talking swoop like a superhero.

Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt had better watch out! Look! It's a man, a husband, a father, and an all-around man of action.

Mona Lisa, yep that's me!

I'm not the real Mona Lisa of course, but I have to admit that she often inspires me. Or rather, her creator, Leonardo does. What a genius! Like him, I love figuring things out, analyzing, deciphering, coding and decoding. It's simple, there isn't one day that goes by where I don't tinker with something.

Someday, I'm going to invent a Weenect GPS for my goldfish, then I'll set him free and study his trail all the way to the Pacific from my smartphone. Maybe I'll get a Nobel prize for it, don't you think so?

Papa Santa, no more, no less!

Yes, Santa, that's what they nicknamed me. Can you guess why? We look almost exactly alike, but there's more to it than just the striking resemblance. We have a shared and unusual passion for chimneys. But that's all that I'm going to tell you. My time will come, and then you will quickly see and understand why! Stay tuned...

They named me Terrible Lucky, go figure!

There is nothing terrible about me, I'm as sweet as a lamb. But be careful, I stand guard like a real watch dog! But what I love more than anything are walks in the park with my friend Marco. OK, it's true that sometimes I wander off, maybe that's why they call me “terrible”, and I go so far that they can't find me.

But you know, Marco is not the only one with a GPS, I've got one too. I wear mine around my neck! That's right, I've got a wicked collar! You follow me?

My turn now. Because cats have the right to get in on the picture too!

Life with the Finders is cool. The food is good, the cushions are soft, and don't even get me started on the couch. What more can you ask for? I live like a queen, but I deserve it.

I can even go on an adventure whenever I want, my GPS keeps the entire family from worrying; they can follow my hunting parties in real-time on their phone!

Treasure hunt

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