Version 4.15.3 of the Android app has a brand new design which come with some major changes. This could be tough to handle it at first. In this article we’ll describe all the changes in order for you to get used to it quicker.

1) Withdrawal of the tracker’s details as a page

The tracker’s details are now visible directly on the map, in the upper part of the screen. It appears as soon as a tracker is selected.

2) Withdrawal of compass as a page

Compass is now visible directly on the map, in the tracker’s details part. Distance and direction are refreshing the same way than before. Just keep in mind that this feature is only useful for long distances (for short distances you have to deal with your phone’s wrongness added to tracker’s wrongness).

3) Access to history and itinerary

To access itinerary or history you can click on the “+” sign available on the tracker’s details part.
Augmented reality is now available on the left bottom part of the map (as it’s not related to a specific tracker – you can use it for several trackers at the same time).

4) « My position » button

“My position” button, available on the left bottom part of the map, is only visible if your position is not currently visible on the screen. As soon as you position is visible the buttons disappears as it’s losing its usefulness.

5) Center the map on your tracker

To center the map on your tracker you only have to click at the right bottom of the screen on the button above the “refresh position” button. The map will center itself on your tracker and details will appear as well as “actions” button.

6) « Actions » button

This central button will only be visible if your tracker is selected. It allows you to access all the actions available for your tracker ; ring, vibrate, etc.
This button is not visible if your tracker has no actions available. Therefore it’s only for trackers Cats 1, Cats 2 and Dogs 2.

You have several trackers on the same account ?

7) Going from a tracker to another

If you swip your finger on the tracker’s details you’ll see that it goes from a tracker to another. You can go through all your trackers using this tip.

8) Selecting one particular tracker

If you want to select a particular tracker of your account then you can click on the right bottom part of the screen. All your trackers will appear, just click on the one you would like to select.
Please note that you can still go through the main menu to select a tracker.

9) Center the map on all your trackers

If no tracker is selected, and that at least one tracker is not visible on the map, a new button will appear on the central bottom part of the screen. It allows the map to center itself on all your trackers.

We hope that those upgrades will answer your needs. If not please don’t hesitate to write to us to ; we’ll consider all your messages.

The Weenect team

Author: Weenect

Weenect, leader de la géolocalisation familiale, propose une gamme de traceurs GPS pour les différents membres de la famille : les enfants, les seniors, les chiens et chats. Ce blog a vocation à aider les familles dans leur vie quotidienne.