The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is officially launched this Friday the 25th of May 2018. Its goal is to protect europeans’ personal data. We’ll explain how Weenect is getting compliant to this new regulation.

A Data Protection Officer has been named

We’ve named a data protection officer (DPO) who is now in charge of everything which deals with GDPR. This person is reachable at the email address She’s your direct contact for all questions about this regulation.

List of all personal data collected

We’ll now have a list of all data that we collect, why we collect them, and to whom we are getting those data available inside Weenect. This transparency will allow all our users to verify that we collect only necessary information.

List of all our partners

For the same reason we’ll have a list of all our partners to whom we send users data, which type of data we send and why do we send them those data. We’ll also verify that those partners are GDPR compliants.

Only what we need

We forbid ourselves to collect information that we don’t need right now only because “you never know”. Will be collected only data that we need in order for our services to run smoothly.

Privacy policy updated

Those information will be available at any moment in the document which describe our privacy policy. If one of our users has a question about his personal data He’ll be able to check this text or contact the Data Protection Officer.

Internal security upgraded

We are also working on our internal security. The idea is to always know which employee is accessing your data and when does he access it. In order to prevent abuses.


We hope that those decisions will answer your expectations on your personal data security and we stay available for any question you could have on the subject.


Author: Weenect

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