How long does it take to get your pet home in case of running away or simply because it’s time to come home for dinner? Probably a lot of time, and you are not alone. In this article, we explain how to get the most out of your Weenect GPS Collar, so that your dog or cat can make the return journey on their own!

Pavlov’s reflex

The name of this technique comes from the Russian doctor of the same name. He showed in the early twentieth century that it was possible to condition an animal to act in a certain way according to a stimulus. It is this idea that is used for electric fences: every time the animal tries to cross this fence it will receive an electric shock; by force it will end up associating the two events and thus avoid crossing this virtual fence. At Weenect we are not for this practice which can be painful to the animal (although we understand that a person may prefer this type of device to the loss of their animal). As for the running away we  rather the use of the runaway alert (entry and exit zone notification) included on our devices.

On the other hand, starting with this principle it is possible to condition your animal to return home by themselves. Therefore, by sounding or vibrating his GPS collar at the time of each meal, he will end up associating the two events. All you need is a click in the Weenect app to get your dog or cat back to you (while their collar is ringing or vibrating they will think it’s time for lunch). For best results we recommend you actually serve them their meal on their return; otherwise they may not come back next time because they will not associate the two events.

Their owner’s voice

Did you know ? It is also possible to call your pet using the phone function of their tracerIndeed, the tracer is equipped with a microphone and a speaker for a telephone conversation between master and companion.


Is this absurd? Not that much. We no longer count the testimonials of our users confirming that their dogs or cats, hearing their voice but not finding their owner around them, actually coming home after a phone call. Finally not so different as shouting his name from outside the house for hours; simply more effective …


Weenect is above all a GPS tracker, and as such is intended to give you the position of your pet at all times. Nevertheless a little comfort is never unpleasant, and being able to return your companion without getting up from your sofa is a comfort that many owners of dogs or cats will envy you for.

Author: Weenect

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