What if your dog was your best workout partner? Of course, you take it out on the daily “mandatory” walks, but think further: your pet can turn up to be a great training companion. Here are three examples of canine sports that you can practice together!

Canicross, the most common

If you’re a running fan, it’s likely that you have already taken your dog with you. If so, you’ll agree that it’s not always easy to keep an eye on the dog and maintain your pace… With canicross, you won’t run side by side, uncomfortably… you’ll run together! Canicross requires a little bit of equipment: a harness that is adjusted to your dog’s size, a bungee cord leash to be able to adjust the distance between you and the dog, and a belt to which you can tie the leash. Our advice is to go for specialized equipment for more comfort and safety. Now you can go on shared workout sessions and create a whole new experience of dog-walking: a perfect way to stay fit and maintain your connection with your dog!

Bike-joring, the most physical

You like riding your bike in wild nature? How about combining this activity with quality dog/master time? Bike-joring doesn’t require you to keep your dog in a basket: you can ride with your dog by your side, thanks to certain specific equipment. Put a special focus on the system that connects your pet to the bike: go to a specialized store to choose the most suitable gear for your type of activity. Indeed, the strings will need to absorb more if you plan on an intensive bike-joring practice, with real muscular training for your dog. You can also enter bike-joring competitions. When you first start practicing, get your dog a Weenect Pets GPS tracker to secure a session in the woods!

Dog frisbee, the most fun!

Very accessible, but not as easy as you may think! Dog Frisbee is indeed like playing a game of frisbee with your dog. Dog frisbee tournaments imply more complex figures and rules. It is a great sport to blow off some steam in wild nature, develop your relationship with your dog, and improve its athletic skills and dexterity. Enjoy without moderation!

Canine sports: counter-indications

For canicross, choosing the most suited equipment for your dog is crucial: whatever its size, your dog can practice canicross. However, an ill-adapted harness will bother your companion and make it uncomfortable. Purchase your equipment in a specialized store after thorough tests!

Bike-joring is demanding; it’s not advised for puppies under 12 months old. It is meant for athletic dog breeds, and will especially please dynamic dogs who have energy to spend, but it requires perfect discipline. Avoid bike-joring if your dog is the strong-headed type!

Finally, Dog Frisbee is the perfect sport to exert dynamic dogs that are kept calm for long periods of time, like apartment pets. Smaller breeds like terrier will love running after a frisbee: be prepared, they’re relentless, you will have to catch up!

Canine sports help you and your four-legged friend exert, while making your bond stronger, and helping you educate your dog. It’s a win-win!