Dog-sitting, pet boarding facility, or a relative’s home… What are your care options when you can’t take your pets with you on a vacation? How to prepare them? And what is the right choice?

Reasons not to take your pet with you on a vacation

There are many reasons not to take your pet with you. The most common reason is that you’re going abroad: the cost is high, the travelling conditions may not be ideal, and many countries have administrative restrictions concerning foreign animals crossing their borders. It is often more simple and affordable to leave without your pet!

There can be many other challenges: for instance, certain holiday rentals do not accept pets. There can be other animals at your destination, which your pet won’t get along with. It may also just be a personality issue: if your pet is easily stressed, taking it away from home can imply heavy anxiety; the animal could be better off home or in a familiar place.

There are various pet care options

Home visits or home care

It is the perfect choice for indoorsy pets which do not like to leave the comfort of their home! It is considered to be the best option for cats or rodents, which cage is cumbersome and not easy to carry around. A trustworthy person visits your house on a regular basis, feeds and pets the animal, and makes sure that everything is ok. In the case of home care, there is actually a person settling down in your home to take care of your companions. It is a way to secure your house as well.

Average cost:
Home visits: 10 to 30 € per day, based on the type of animal, the number and duration required for the visits.
Home care: approximately 100 € per day (price can decrease according to the duration of the contract)

A foster home

Your pet is hosted by a volunteer family, in their home. You will be able to meet your pet-sitters several times before you leave, in order for your animal to feel comfortable with the family members and the new environment. Foster families are used to taking care of pets and are aware of the potential challenges. You will set up your pet’s schedule together: food, meal time, walks, activities, etc. Don’t forget to bring your pet’s belongings (basket, toys, etc.) on the day you leave.

Average cost: approximately 8 to 20 € per day

Animal boarding facility

There are several types of boarding facilities: some welcome all types of animals, while others are specifically designed for cats and/or dogs.
They are subject to very strict regulations: not anyone can start an animal boarding business. Make sure that the facility is registered at your local administration, and that it has an animal civil liability insurance. Before you make your decision, don’t hesitate to visit several structures.

Word of mouth is also an excellent way to find the best boarding facility. The staff must have a animal care certificate and you should be provided with a care contract before you leave your pet with them.

Warning: Don’t forget that your pet will need a certain time to adapt, especially if it has never been sitted in a boarding structure or a kennel. It will have to follow the rules of community life!

Average cost: From 15 €/day

Stay in touch while you’re away

Whatever type of care you choose, the persons in charge will know how to reach you, and you will be in contact during your vacation! However, you are going to miss your pet, and it will miss you too… How can you stay in touch? Have the Weenect GPS tracker reflex: it allows you to have real interactions with your animal and stay on top of its adventures! The Weenect Pets dog collar can also be used to set up a security perimeter and prevent runaways; you’ll be notified if your pet goes out of the delimited zone. The connected app gives you all the pet’s data: distance travelled, average speed, you’ll know it all! The Cat dedicated tracker, with the same features, allows to make the GPS chip ring or vibrate when the cat goes out of the security zone. You can keep an eye on your pet, even when you’re away!

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Author: Weenect

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