Can I let my dog run around without a leash? How can I teach it not to run away? What is written in the law? Follow the guide!

Teach your dog the “no leash” mode

Follow the steps: before you take the leash off of your dog, make sure that it behaves properly… on the leash! If it is still disobedient and pulls on the leash, start by solving those problems.

Then, try to slowly move away from your dog, in a closed and safe space. Call it back with a simple order (its name followed with “Heel!”, or with a tap on your thigh), without repeating it. Show an open attitude and take a calm and joyful tone. If your dog feels anxiety or irritation in your behavior, it might not understand what you’re expecting. Pat it on the back when it comes back to you. This training can take up to several months.

What does the law say about using a leash?

Rules about dogs and leashes are generally set through local ordinances; but they are similar over the country. In public spaces (streets, parks, public buildings), you’ll find posters explaining that a dog should be on a leash at all times. If you don’t see any signs, it means that you can unleash your dog! Of course, you are responsible for your dog’s behavior.

In rural areas, loitering (a dog wandering around without a leash or owner around) can lead your dog to be sent to a pound. So keep your dog close to you.

Finally, if your dog belongs to a category between 1 and 22, it must be on a leash and muzzled at all times.

Dogs without a leash: what about safety?

A loud noise? A fight? A sudden wish for freedom? Without a leash, your dog can run away anytime. It is important to get it used to walking next to you and obeying your orders: if it is well trained, it will most likely come back to you. When it gets carried away by its instincts and walks away to the point where you can’t see it anymore, try to hide: when your dog doesn’t see or hear you anywhere around, it’ll probably go back to the last place you were together. Finally, get a GPS Weenect Pets for your dog: a precious and securing tool, very useful when you’re teaching your dog to walk without a leash!

It is possible to enjoy walking your dog without using a leash, but it takes patience and teaching skills! Use a Weenect Dogs GPS Tracker to help in the training phase and keep an eye on its movements.

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Author: Weenect

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