Most of our clients take the time to leave a review about their dog tracker collar and we would like to thank them for it. We enjoy all of them, whether they are positive or negative, short or long, and all the team use them to help us improve our services.

At the end of the year, we would like to highlight the reviews that we found the most touching, the funniest or the most surprising. So here is our take on the 7 best!

dog in the snow with the weenect dogs

(Our apologies in advance to all the others who could easily have figured on this list – choosing 7 out of hundreds of reviews was very, very difficult. We may have missed some even better ones.)

Néha: “No more stress”

I no longer lose my dog 🐶 who loves running for miles and miles. Now when she’s 10 km away from the house 🏠 I know where to go to pick up the little so and so 😇😁😉 So no more stress for me, well, a lot less anyway, and I’m much more relaxed.

Emmanuel: “Further than we thought”

An excellent product. The first time we used it we realised that our dog wandered a lot further away than we thought. Being able to call him or talk to him via the tracker collar is an added extra – for obedient dogs!

Sébastien: “My dogs are real runaways”

My dogs are real runaways and each time they go a little further. With this I can quickly find out where they are and go and collect them, or get them to come home by ringing the GPS collar.

Pauline: “Client since the beginning”

Client since the beginning. Great system. We’ve always managed to find our runaway dogs straightaway.

Gianni: “I never knew which side”

Great!! My dogs escape from my garden, which is by the river, and I never knew which bank (left or right) to go down to look for them; now when I set off to look for them I take the right direction first time.

dog in a lake with the weenect dogs

Valérie: “And that was it…PANIC!!!”

I’m so happy with my purchase! I lost Nashoba in the woods once…and that was it… PANIC!!! He came back 😊 but when I got home I found this tracker and it’s really reassuring! Every time I let him run free I connect it. I’ve tested it out several times and it really does work well! What’s even better is the “recall” function. The only downside is that sometimes the localisation takes a while…but hey, I suppose the reception can’t be perfect everywhere 😊 to summarise, I’m really satisfied with it.

Shirley or the Gold Medal

An excellent product that I recommend to all my friends. Very easy to use and good battery life. I am 8 months pregnant and can’t manage to run all over the village to find my Border Collie when she decides to go walkabout. With the GPS I know exactly where I have to go to find her or whether she has just wandered off to say hello to her friends and neighbours. I’m also less afraid that someone will steal my dog when she goes wandering off for a few hours or when we go on holiday (Normandy, Corsica, Italy…).

My husband also uses the app and he keeps an eye on us when we go off for long walks in the forest. He is notified when I turn the GPS on and off. The SOS function means that if something happens to me (like, if I go into labour in the middle of the woods hahahaha), I can trigger the SOS beacon on my dog’s tracker collar and it will automatically alert my husband who will know exactly where I am. It’s more practical than a telephone, because the battery has a much longer life and it works everywhere.

It’s also useful when my neighbour takes my dog for a walk with hers. She doesn’t get stressed if my dog runs off because she knows she can find her easily. So she’s much more willing to take her. I don’t use the ring or voice functions, I know they work because I’ve tested them but I don’t use them. I really recommend this product which allows my dog to have more freedom and everyone else to be relaxed about it. (Note: I walk my dog for 2 hours every day and the forest around us is immense, deep and dense. This device means I can keep fit whilst being completely safe and my dog can have more liberty…)

dog with the weenect dogs

Author: Weenect

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