Lots of our clients take the time to leave a review about their cat tracker collar and we would like to thank them for it. We enjoy all of them, whether they are positive or negative, short or long, and all the team use them to help us improve our services.

At the end of the year, we would like to highlight the reviews that we found the most touching, the funniest or the most surprising. So here is our take on the 10 best!

cat wearing the weenect cats²

(Our apologies in advance to all the others who could easily have figured on this list – choosing 10 out of more than 1,000 was very, very difficult. We may have missed some even better ones.)

Florence: “We were right next to each other”

I worry a lot less. My little kitty is a real adventurer. She goes where she wants to and I can follow her from the app. I even think that she feel reassured. The last time I found her in a field of sweet corn. The GPS tracker was absolutely precise, showing me which row to look in. We were right next to each other. Now I know she’ll never get lost again, and so does she.

Thierry: “We would never have found our cat”

We bought the tracker to use on our cat when we go sailing on the lake. During one trip our cat decided to go for a walk on the pontoons around us in the middle of the night, I glanced at the app and realised that the tracker was over the water, panic! We rushed off to look for him and thanks to the beacon we found him on a yacht at the end of the port, he was soaked and terrified and I really believe that if I hadn’t had the tracker we would never have found our cat. It’s by far the best thing we have ever bought him.

Emmanuel: “I was able to save my cat”

Thanks to his Weenect GPS tracker I was able to save my cat who was caught in a trap, if I hadn’t had the GPS my cat wouldn’t be here today. Thank you Weenect!!!

Laura: “My cat is as happy as larry”

Now my cat is as happy as larry when she’s outdoors. She doesn’t get lost anymore and comes home all on her own, like a grown up, and if she doesn’t we switch on the app and go and find her. It’s really easy to find your cat with this app and you can make the beacon ring! As an added extra I’ve trained her to associate the vibrate with food to encourage her to come home by herself, she understood it really quickly. This tracker means I can be relaxed when my cat goes out so I heartily recommend it.

cat with the Weenect Cats²

Laurence: “After disappearing for two months”

After our cat had disappeared for two month we wanted something that would leave our tom free to roam without us being anxious about him. We opted for the Weenect GPS tracker which we have been using successfully for 3 weeks! Our cat doesn’t mind wearing it at all, you just need to remember to recharge the battery…

Christophe: “I had no idea”

Works very well, I had no idea how much my cat wandered around at night. The only downside is that the battery life is a bit limited, about 48 hours.

Sandy: “Madame likes to play hard to get”

I’m quite satisfied with the product. I can find my cat easily, it’s quite precise. It’s a pity the battery only lasts for 2 days…My cat won’t respond to the vibrator, the ring or my voice…Madame likes to play hard to get…so I use the tracker to go and fetch her.

Constance: “What a lot of surprises!”

We wanted to know what our cat got up to and how far he travelled. What a lot of surprises! We adore our Weenect!

Cat with the Weenect Cats²

Doriane: “I was sceptical”

I finally know where my cat goes! Living in the country I was sceptical about the idea of a tracker. I was worried the reception wouldn’t be good. Well, I’m not worried anymore! I know all the places she likes to go to hunt or to hide herself when I call her to come in :-)! I’d love to know how many kilometres she covers each day. Perhaps on the next version 🙂

Angélique: “I really love it”

I really love it and I’m much more relaxed knowing exactly where Lila is, I often test how accurate the tracking is and bingo!!! She’s exactly where the Weenect told me she was. I recommend it for anyone who’s a worrier like me.

Author: Weenect

Weenect, leader de la géolocalisation familiale, propose une gamme de traceurs GPS pour les différents membres de la famille : les enfants, les seniors, les chiens et chats. Ce blog a vocation à aider les familles dans leur vie quotidienne.