Travelling abroad, staying at a holiday rental or a hotel… In this kind of situation, bringing your pet with you can turn out to be complicated. What is the best pet care option?

Overnight boarding

It is the “all inclusive” solution: your pet is provided with food and accommodation, and its health and well-being are also looked after very closely. Your pet will feel just like home!
Pet boarding centers and kennels used to have a bad reputation, but it is changing. The simple reason for that is the evolution of the law!

The minimum space for each animal (indoors or outdoors) and the qualification of the staff are carefully supervised. Nevertheless, it is best to visit several pensions and study the services provided carefully before making your final decision.

Pros of boarding: socialization, trained supervisors, security…
Cons of boarding: high prices (about 15 €/day for a dog, 10€/day for a cat).

Pet-sitting: several care options

Pet-sitting can be provided in several different manners:
– Home care: a pet-sitter stays at your house to take care of your pet while you’re away. This option implies that you have total trust in this person to take good care of your pet.
– Foster care: leave your pet with another family while you’re gone. It will be pampered just like at home!
– Home visits and pet-walking: your pet stays at home, in a comforting environment. Someone will visit everyday, walk and feed it, and ensure its wellbeing.

Whatever option you choose, you will still be in charge of providing food and medication (if needed) for your pet, as well as legal documents and your vet’s contact information.
Note that anyone offering pet care services must be certified by the Veterinary Services, have a “pet” competency certification delivered by the government, and be covered by an insurance policy.

Pros of pet-sitting: customized services and lower prices.
Cons of pet-sitting: since it is based on trust, make sure to start your search for a pet-sitter or a foster home long enough before your vacation.

Swapping: a good way to look after your pet

Pet-swapping, just like house-swapping, is becoming more and more popular! The idea is simple: find a family who owns pets like you and who agrees to look after your pet(s) while you’re away. In exchange, you will take care of their pets during their vacation.

It can be the start of a long-term collaboration! Just like any change of residence or lifestyle, it is important that you prepare your pet for this transition, and introduce it to the foster family before you leave.

Good to know: this type of service falls under the peer-to-peer service exchange context, even though it can imply a small financial contribution. Therefore, it does not require any certification for the members of the foster family. There are several websites that can help you find foster families in your area and get in touch with them. Try it out!

You’ve got many pet-care solutions to explore, depending on your budget and your pet’s personality.
Let us remind you that there are more and more “pet friendly” hotels and holiday rentals. Everybody should be able to enjoy their holidays!

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Author: Weenect

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